Monday, January 5, 2015

jueves ya estamos 2015

quite eventful week. everything from clinic trips, to skype talks. fun stuff!
right now im ridin solo. my comp is with the rest from his group who are goin home today. so im here with elder portillo. he  was the comp of elder ali, my old comp from 200 millas. hes finishing his mish too so portillo is with me till tomorrow at changes where ill get my new comp.
so yeah this week we didnt do much because my body wasnt working too well for me but its getting better so no worries!
yesterday we were leaving the offices and i heard "elder brown!" i looked over to see a van driving by. it was brother and sister quesñay. the parents of the kid that was my comp for a week in 200 millas when elder laiche went to mexico. they got out and we got to talk for a little bit. they were droping off an elder from that ward at the offices to get his final interview with president and then they took me and elder ortiz back to our area. 
ah, so my address. i live at manzana J lote 5, Brisas de Santa Rosa, San Martin de Porres. the main roads are Canta Callao and Carlos Izaguirre. its literally on the other side of the intersection from 200 millas and Libertadores. ill have spent half of my mission connected to this intersecttion. my hood. 
welp, sorry for a boring email this week, next week i´ll have alot more to tell with my new comp, mission council, all that. 
love you thanks for everything! happy new yearrrrr
elder brown

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