Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maicol Tambiennnnnnnnnnnn

another semana loca. 
so first off, mark i gottta tell you about a nice little breakfast i made the other day that i thought you`d enjoy. i made a sunny side up egg, then put ham and cheese on it, then a fried banana. all in a sandwich. give it a try.
so on saturday morning we had maicol`s baptism. it was solid. he gave a good testimony on how he was ready to start a new life and be a new person. baptism is some good stuff! 
on sunday i felt a very similar feeling in sacrament meeting. i felt a strong spirit i havent felt in a verryy long time. i knew my sins were forgiven and that im doing what i need to be doing. i fall short every single day but thanks to the atonement, its ok.
last week, on wednesday i think...? i borrowed some clippers from a lady in my ward. went home, locked myself in the bathroom, and buzzed my head. felt soo good. i havent buzzed it since byu with the help of corbin in the byu bathroom haha. but yeah. reminds me of newport beach summers when i was like 5. 
yesterday in sacrament meeting i realized how verry very exactly the same all teenage girls are. there was someone from the young women`s that went to efy so they had her get up and share her testimony. still had her wrist band on. she was fighting back tears as she talked about her friends from her group, her roomates, her counselors, etc. i almost started laughing. haha it was a solid testimony it was just funny to see how its literally the exact same everywhere. kinda reminds me of the week after girls camp.. "i didnt want to go but im so glad i went..." "i love my best friend soo much" "im so grateful for sister so n so, she changed my life forever!" ahh. . good stuff.
so its back to another week of workkkk. its getting dang hot now. february here is nasty. ill be coming back skinny, black, and sounding like a latino. kinda like jeff. but more peruvian.
so thats about it for this week. have a good week! ill only be sending eight more letters home. woof. were`d the time go. dont get trunky mom.
elder brown

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