Monday, January 5, 2015

alo  buenas!
sup. so its 2015 now. still have a hard time writing that in my journal and in our records and stuff. new year. new beginning. gonna be even crazier than the rest. bring it on.
so mark literally laughed himself into bronchitis huh? sounds like brian regan has a good show. when i went with steve, mike, jeff, and holly, some drunk guy in the back quoted Brian, screaming, either while, or before, He got to say his lines. haha good times. 
so this week has been all sorts of nuts.
after the clinic today, i went to mcdonalds. 
tuesday. CHANGES. so i am now with Elder Apablaza. he is from antofogasta chile, where brandon skinner served and where ryan couch is currently serving. he is aconvert of two years and has 9 months in the mission. hes the wwhite guy at the desk in the pictures. has a slightly different style of things, which has been rough to get used to, but he`s an aweasome missionary. he has grown up fast in the gospel. 
wednesday we had mission council. another solid day with president. we went over just about every aspect of missionary work and how we can improve and what problems we are seeing. we learned a ton and the best part was that sister archibald made fetuccini alfredo and cinammon rolls. 
then on thursday we had a multizone conference. a couple of my old zones were there so i got to see some old friends. elder welburn, elder schagel, elder arnett, elder cody. 
friday we had to make sure all the zone got there moneyand fill out all hte financial garbage. not a fan of that stuff. dont think finance would be a good career for me. i think imma just call drew next time to take care of it for me. 
friday night we finally got to start working in the area again. that was fun.
saturday we did our weekly planning for a few hours. trying to make up for all the lost time- being sick, meetings, holidays (no one exists on christmas or new years), etc. 
so this saturday we have two baptisms. maicol and manuel. solid dudes. manuel is ever-excited to pay tithing and fast offerings. he got rid of all of his tea and has made a complete change in what he consumes to take better care of his body. i think he`s in like mosiah by now. solid guy. ill send some pics on monday.
sad news.. so remember up in barranca we baptized a mom and her daugher, amalia and katia. amalia had a son, jon. he was the first to listen to us and the first to want to get baptized. in fact, we couldve baptized him sooner, but to keep his mom and sister on board, we waited to get them all together. then came the baptism day, amalia and katia almost didnt make it because they got scared last minute but made it into the water anyways and had a great experience. jon never made it to the service because he was working till late and if we pushed it back another week, we wouldve lost katia and amalia. so he left town after that to work and i only saw him a few times before i left barranca. my last morning there i had a lesson with him, reviewed alma 34:34 and reset a date for baptism. he came by to say goodbye that night before i left. never ended up getting baptized. i just got an email from my old comp, elder rodriguez, saying that he passed away recently from falling off a cliff, im guessing while working up in the mountains. pray for him, amalia, and katia please! thanks.
welp. its another week. hope to have a good report on monday. im working as hard as i can, the best way i know how. not sure how good it really is but its what i can do. thanks for the love and prayers. this is the best thing of my life. im grateful for every trial and hardship because its made me who i am today. 
elder brown.

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