Wednesday, January 28, 2015


hey, how are you, im sweaty.
haha so the heat kicked it up a few degrees this week. my companion is a pale human so he gets roasted. today we are playing Quidditch as a zone(this is what happens when kendall brown is zone leader) so we´re probably all going to be fried. RAVENCLAW.
so it was a good week. we worked harddddd lookin for new people. and of the people we contacted this week. which was a tooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn. none were there at their appointments haha. but one family that was a referral form some members is a family of seven. we set dates with them for the 7 of march. and set for another family of four for the 28 of february. familia venero and familia gozzer. YEAHHHHHHHHHH. satan sent someone to rob gozzer families truck sunday night so they coundlt come to church the next day. but we´ll get them there this week.
the other day we were walking and some kid came up to us and asked, are you mormons? yes. thats us. he took us over to his older sister across the park who was on a walk with her kids. she seemed relievfed to have found us. she said she had been searching for a long time. her husband is a less active member and they are living together. she wanted to know find the missionaries and have them come visit her family. we went and taught them about chastity, marriage, temples, etc. they are moving this week to callao so we wont be returning, but i know god allowed us to be the answer to her prayers that day in helping her family.
YES i got my package. we went to the offices to pick up some papers and just before we left the doorbell rang. it was brother and sister baldwin dropping off the packages. did she send you the picture? so yeah i am loooving the food. i had banana pancakes this morning. today il buy syrup. 
this past week i have had the great blessing of running into multiple people from 200 Millas here in my area. last tuesday we were walking and i heard ELDER!" Looked over and saw a 15 yr old kid from my old area just walkin down the street. then two days later i got out of a moto taki and saw another girl from the same ward walking with her husband, who is the son of th bishop from that ward who got home from his mission the day i left the area. then yesterday we cfontacted a family in a park. i told the grandpa of the family i recognized him from somewhere and he said he was the grandpa of a family back in 200 millas that i had taught. his daughter was less active and his son in law and grandson got baptized right after i left. the people he was with are the siblings of the mom of that family we taught. small world! good to see them before i bite the dust.
this morning i was studying in 2 nephi 26. there was a pass along card on my desk of christ leavin the tomb and i sat there and thought for a longgg time. your homework is go look up verses 24-28, 33. then meditate about who christ is, what his mission was, and what he has done for YOU. i wont tell all the details of my experience, but it was a good one.
i left my camera in the room so i dont have pics this week. SORRY. next week.
have a good week. love you!
and another birthday shout out to jessalyn
elder brown

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