Monday, December 22, 2014


Christmas is this weeeeeek. still doesnt feel like it. but im stoked to see you all on Thursday. can you have steve stop by?? i gotta see that kid even its for a few seconds. so yeah 1 is good. we got the members lined up to use their computer. 
so this week was yet another blurrr. on wednesday we had our multi zone for christmas. we did a skit of "offices of the west pole" (we are the office zone.... lima west mission... no? ok..). we also did a gingerbread house contest. my district made the mesa temple. we got second place i think. oh for the skit i was Papa Noel (presidente archibald). i had borrowed one of his alabama footbal t shirts and spoke with his american-alabama-argentina accent. then we had a talk from president and missionaries were asked to get up in between songs and share christmas traditions. one kid, elder china, said that in bolivia his family gets a pig, hits it on the head with a hammer, watch it run around, then they eat it. no sure where he was goin with that one. 
the other day we were waiting outside a store for the guy to bring us what we bought. then some guy comes walking by, pointing at me and talking to my comp and the kid we were with "wheres that foreigner from??! looks chilean!" (they hate chile here). i said nope! further north. then he asked "north american?" yup "then pointed at me again and yelled "then youre from the CIA!!" then dipped into an alley. second time ive been accused of being a cia agent. little did he know i had eight snipers in the surrounding buildings watching his every move. 
last night we participated in a stake christmas music performance thing. each ward performed two songs and at the end the missionaries of the stake got up and performed four songs. first time i felt something close to "christmas" this year. once i light my christmas candles on wednesday then it´ll be real life.
so right now we are still working with maicol and manuel. they have dates for the 3 and 10 of january. we found a couple other families that well be working with this week. if they´re actually there.. everything kinda dies the week of christmas so its gonna be fun! 

last night i talked to a swedish guy that lives here in our stake. hes from southern sweden, close to copenhagen denmark. we were talking in spanish, english, and danish (thanks for teaching me how to say butter and whats up mark).
soooooooooooooo yup thats about it for this week. anything else ill get back to you on thursday. cool.
elder brown

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