Monday, January 12, 2015

Manuel`s a Mormon.

sooooooooooo where to begin.
Tuesday, we had our district meeting. all i remember there.
Wednesday we had changes with some elders in our zone. i stayed in the area with a bolivian named elder lazo. hes a cool kid. just started the mission a couple months ago with elder Welburn. that night we had the baptismal interviews for maicol and manuel
 Thursday, weekly planning, getting everything lined up for this week and stuff.
fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what happened ... i dont remember. business as usual..Saturdayy. BAPTISM DAY. so that morning after  quick clinic visit we went to macdonalds. they still had their breakfast menu. I ATE HOTCAKES AND AN EGG SANDWICH AND IT WAS SOOO GOOOOOD. then we went to the church and had to figure out how to work the faunt. it had dirty water, green stuff, and was full of bugs. so after a while we figured out how to open the drain outside and turn on the pump to take it all out so we could clean it. then we filled it. then we finally got home. i pretty much just rested all day because my lungs werent too happy (mother, dont worry. im alive. i have inhalers. im good.) and yeah that night we had the baptism. maicol wasnt able to get baptized because there was some stuff we had to teach him stil and because of scheduling conflicts we could only meet once last week. so he`lll be in the water this week. but manuel is a boss. he rented a suit for his baptism. i got to baptize him; i havent been in the faunt since september. way too long. after we got changed again he got up to give his testimony. he said how he felt like he had been waiting for this for over forty years, that he had lived  a hard, sad life, but now he felt like a new man and could leave all that behind him.
"welcome to the jungle" is playing in this internet place right now. not my fault. but its good. 
yesterday we got to participate in manuel`s confirmation. he`s officially a member of the christ`s true church and is going to be an awesome member here.
thanks for the pictures! tate is Huge. its gonna be rough wrestling with him now. ill have gunnar be on my team, and that top golf place looks sweet.
so to answer your questions
1. favorite day of the week-  Saturday. pancakes. eternal saving ordinance.
2. favorite scripture right now. alma 7:11-12.
3. funniest thing to happen this last week....hmmm probably our call with one of the district leaders last night when we got the numbers for the week. he kept changing his voice on us from talking like a woman to a deep manly voice and it was hillarious. haha but my life in generally good though.l. ive been sick for a month and im trying to just keep on keepin on. the mission is crazy hard but im just happy. even when im stressed or tired things are just good. i thought yesterday what its gonna be like to have to go to school and work and do all that and i realized how, as rough as it is, how easy i have it. my job here is to be obedient, study the gospel, then help people live it. thats it. 
welp. love you all. thanks for everything. oh and mom i looked for nativity scenes during christmas time and they were alll over the streets. BUT. they looked like ghetto stereotypical 1970`s catholic nativity scenes. i want a classy peru style one. my last week we go to the "inca market" with president. ill look for one there. if not theres a dude that sells em on a bridge by the airport haha. 
elder brown

wait change that Funniest experience. i remembered a funnier one.
yesterday we were in sacrament and i turned around and saw a lady with a carton of milk and her son holding a huge cup with  straw attatched to it. it reminded me of singles ward two when the lady poured cereal and milk for her kids in sacrament. yeah. i witnessed it in real life.

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