Tuesday, February 10, 2015

febrero. habla.

so im still trying to grasp the fact that january is already gone. next week begins my last transfer as a missionary. freakin me out. haha every time a plane flies by my comp points it out for me. 

solid work week. we have a few families we are working with. the venero family, the gozzer family, luis lara, and now the ramirez family. pray they can all make it to their baptism dates!
luckily this week we had a little bit of clooud cover.. could have been pollution but ill take it. didnt get fried haha. but it is crazy humid here. i think im going to dry out when i get back there. 
last week we played quidditch. it was SICK. legit the best pday ive ever had. i was the ravenclaw captain. we had an hermana be the sorting hat and shechose our teams. gryffindor was stacked. bogus. but we still put up a good fight. 
oh, before i forget, thanks to brother griffin for the letter! cant wait to have a nice sunday afternoon chat with him.
on tuesday i woke up and started a revolution. i made pancake mix then the thought came to me. YOU HAVE REESE´S FASTBREAKS ON YOUR DRESSER. BRING ONE. CUT IT UP. PUT IT IN THE PANCAKE BATTER. so thats what i did. and it was goooooooooooooooooood.
oh and this week i was in the shower. tried to adjust the shower head. the whole think broke off the wall. so now i  shower from cold water from a hole in the wall. yes.
so this week i had a solid study in ether. so ive got another homework assignment for you. 
start out in ether 2:25. actually start at the end of 24 where it says "for the winds". i decided it was a good definition or explanation from god to elder brown of "This is why you´ve been through everything you´ve been through. this is the reason for the physical and emotional breakdowns, the trials, the pain, the stress. i need you to be prepared to cross the waters. i need you to be ready for whats ahead and for what i need you to do.
then go finish that chapter and then check out mahonri´s attitude change from chapter two to chapter three. from when he asks god for light, gets that response, then comes back to the mountain later, a very humbled man, with sixteen stones in his hand, with the firm hope that god can simply touch them with his finger and they´ll give light. he comes back with an attitude of "ok. i want to cross those waters. and im ready now to submit to your will to get me there. do what you need to do to have me be ready."
welp. keep on keepin on. only six more letters after this one. WOOAAHH.
elder brown
and a few selfies.

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