Monday, September 22, 2014

Weddings, Baptisms, and Alottttt of walking.

Mah family. whats uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.
so yeah this week was solid. to be honest i only kinda remember mondaytuesday,friday saturday and sunday. and only certain parts of them. this week FLEW.
sooooooo monday we ate canelones with the branch president of the zone leaders. its basically a crepe filled with meat and covered in sauce and cheese. it was like an italian frenchman tried making enchiladas. not bad. then we went over to the church building to play volleyball. my team won the first game but after that  we got wrecked twice in a row. i even made shout outs to my favorite harry potter martyrs when i served. scored up until i went for mad eye moody. we ll ended with red wrists and veryy sore the next day. oh yeah i think i mentioned this before, but that branch president was baptized by Nate Bohn`s dad. 
tuesday was a district meeting as usual. with this new system its basically programmed out for us what to teach. and we use the same lesson for two weeks in a row. sooo i just kinda guide them through a study and them had the sisters run the practice session. but after that it was back to work. we walked a ton this week and knocked a tonnnnnnnn of doors. got yelled at by an old man in spanish and quechua saying that we were liars. he wasnt too thrilled when we told him we hold the authority to perform a REAL baptism. 
speaking of which, we had a lesson with a newer family where we taught the restoration. the mom was a "born a catholic, die a catholic" type of person. and, even after showing her verse after verse from the bible to back up what we were saying, we had to leave it at "so you`re saying if god tells you this church is true, you still arent willing to do what HE says?" "nope. i have my church, i have my opinion, i know mines true". then she left. haha sometimes peoples reason for belief and devotion to religion and tradition amaze me. but hey, we believe that everyone has the privilege of worshiping god however they want. even if they`re kind of nuts. 
we did find another cool family though. we walked in, the dad was kind of serious and they were all pretty quiet. after we gave an elder brown family home evening, they were all dying laughing and we gained their trust reallll quick. the only problem is that weve gone back to teach and the dad hasnt been there. we`ll get em this week. 
on thursdays we usually do our weekly planning. but. satan decided to send construction workers to hammer and drill right by our room. so after barely making ti through comp study i said nope. we`re out. lets go find people to teach. didnt end up finding anyone. but it was nice to get away from the noise for a little.
so friday morning we planned. we devoted the majority of our time planning for converts and how to find new people. knocking doors just aint cuttin it for me anymore. not sure who reads this thing but any returned missionaries, if you have any ideas on how to find new people, SEND THEM IN. ive considered asking president to buy me a ukulele in lima and using it to get into houses. we`ll see if i can work that out.
friday night the branch went all out for the wedding. the relief society had been there in the morning setting up ballons and flowers and food. we got there to make sure everything was good to go, and i spent the rest of the time playing the piano. (the terrible migraines aside, why did you let me quit???) i plugged in my usb and played along with Come thou Fount by freddy ashby and clyde bawden. i got the intro down. sounds sick. anyways, when everyone was ready to go, i was in charge of timing when to press play on the wedding march song thing. and then i went on to filmman. imma run receptions and all that. getting good practice here. 
the next night was the baptism. i got to baptize them both. last week, silverio was hard because he`s tall. this time rosario.. well shes what you might call plump. but it all turned out good. after they gave their testimonies and both testified about the cleansing power of the ordinance they just did. she said a weight had been lfted she didnt know was there. and he said that when he was leaving the water he felt something hit him and change him. ordinances performed under correct priesthood authority and sealed by the spirit of promise. Doctrine and Covenants 132:7 coming to life.
the next day in sacrament meeting, silverio, who got baptized and ordained a priest  last week blessed the sacrament. and Emiliano passed it. aweseom day in church.
welp. its on to another week of walking, talking, using my agility and bear-like instincts to not get eaten by gas station guard dogs (that one happened this week), and just trying to be who God needs me to be.  love this gospel, i love this work, and i know its true.
paz y bendiciones.
elder brown
in the wedding picture of us with the couple, dias was closing his eyes at the time, he wasnt drinking. just throwin that out there. and heres some pics of my breakfast and dinner. microwave style.

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