Monday, September 1, 2014

another week in barranca. word

bueno, ha sido una bueeeeeena semana!
last week on monday we went to the church building. the elders played soccer outside. i played a little then just kinda supervised so i wouldnt mess up my back. the sisters made lasagna and it was dangg good. i drank dr pepper. AND this past week i ate a twix. soooo good. if you send me some reese`s fastbreaks i wouldnt be upset. if the get melted? perfect. i have a fridge. 
on tuesday we had a guineau pig type district meeting. we didnt eat them. i mean it was a trial lesson. in the mission we have a new way to run the district meetings. every missionary receives a 12 week training book when he enters the field (did that come out right? i struuggled to translate that one in my mind. my english is pretty good for the most part...). the new objective is to get back to the basics and use that booklet in our meetings. there are six lessons (not teaching lessons, like training lessons for us) and we divide each lesson into two weeks. we teach, practice, evaluate, repractice, then have the whole week to apply what we learned. then the next week is a follow up lesson with more training applied. then we follow the same process and move on to the next lesson. i didnt gauge the lesson right and it went way over time, but it was still cool. 
on wednesday i had a work exchange with elder dorado, my zone leader from uruguay. dudes a goof ball. usually on the sreet i walk side by side with my companion. he made sure to stay a good 7 feet behind or in front of me at all times and just kinda chilled in his own world all day. eh, ok. we spent a good part of the day looking for a new room. we found one. this coming week we are moving in.dont worry mark, ill be sure to get you the address so you can google map it. im pretty sure its jr castilla 928. its on the corner close to the gas station. 
that night we had movie night in the church and watched mountain of the lord and taught about temples to our converts. 
thursday, weekly planning and walkingggg. 
friday was siccckkk. we had another meeting with president archibald. our zone met our goal last month so he came and taught us and weall ate pizzas together. we learned about the plan of salvation starting from death tto the kingdoms of glory. i learned ALOT. we learned about the laws that we are to live by in each kingdom, how to get there, etc. he started out by doing a basic drawing of the plan of salvation with the little circles and lines representing premortal life, birth, mortal life. he then said hmmm... elder brown. come on up and draw the rest of this for me and explain why. im someone who wants to know what happens after this life. i got up there, trying to anticipate his curve ball. i did the big circle with the line through it for "spirit world" next to the earth. then he asked ahh so we go to a different world after? i thought about it. erased it, and drew a bigger circle around the earth. to continue he asked if there was anyone i thought knew more then i did. i called on my buddy elder hackleman to see how president could mess with him. we then discussed the spirit world, the gap between paradise and prison, and went into depth about the kingdoms of glory. he made special emphasis on the fact that these are kingdoms of GLORY. all too often we make mistakes like making people think that that the spirit world is on some distant planet, or that theres one kingdom of glory and two places that are just kinda "eh". the plan of salvation is awesome. we studied DandC 131. 132. 76, amd 137. woof. cool stuff. 
on saturday we had a cool experience. here we have had heard stories of other missionaries praying for specific random things to find families and end up finding them. so, we did it. in the morning we prayed to find a family of 8 and to find them that there could be two kids outside playing soccer, and that when we walked up to that house, the dad would be home to talk to him. after a longgg morning of looking for a referral we had received, we turned the corner. a few kids were playing soccer. a daughter came out. we asked if her dad was home. yes. he came out. he has 7 kids and 12 live in the house. BOOM. the appointment didnt end up working out with them but we`ll try to pass by this week. 
sunday was awesooooooooooooooooome. that morning we went witha guy in our ward that has a car to pick up a family. a single mother with her four young kids.they had an awesome first experience. we went over after church and the kids ran out excited with their book of mormon in hand with their names marked on them and said they had been reading. 
carmen, amabilia, and mayra are in the water this saturday. they are awesome. silverio is doing great as well and we are hoping to have him baptized before his scheduled date. dimas and rosario`s papers are ready this week so they will be maried and baptized before next saturday. the work is EXPLODING. when the lord said he would hasten his work. he meant it.this is HIS work. i am so blessed to be here in this area and in this branch when things are blowing up here. its interesting to learn more each day how much he really is working WITH us. we are just little servants who are being sent around by our master. he is literally out here working alongside us. 
the dad from the tenorio family is one of the counselors in the young mens presidency. its awesome to see him sitting in there with us in branch council so he can see firsthand what we were doing not long ago to make sure he and his family could have a good experience and stay strong after baptism. i love that family so much. 
thanks for he love and prayers. they are working. the work of salvation is flying past me and im trying to keep up. the lord, now more than ever, is helping me see my weaknesses, and i am learning each day my desperate need of his help to keep me going each day. i was thinking about that the other day and made a nice little connection between ether 12:27, 2 corinthians 12:9 and the account of peter when he walked on the water, compared to who he later became, and alma 26. look it up and have fun!
oh. and my companion is getting changed. yeahhh elder brown in barranca another six weeks. 
love you alll,
elder brown
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