Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wake me up when September ends..

But really why is september done? last week me and the kids from my group hit "six months to sexy". six months to get in shape and lookin good for when we get back. my morning stretches are doin alot of work. i tried to do real exercises a few months ago but my back didnt like it very much... but i have lost some weight here anyways. cool.
sooooo im trying to remember this last week. even more of a blur than the week before. 
on friday we had a sicckk training meeting with president. to start off he doctrine pounds us for a good hour or two. this time he taught us about the millennium. the guy makes me want to become an institute teacher. after we got a training from sister archibald about the scriptures of "the field is white". this is the FINAL harvest. the last time god is sending out his missionaries. and he sees the field as white. its ready. there are people ready everywhere ready to hear the gospel. and not just in peru. president monson said theres not a mission in the entire world where the field isnt white. we just gotta accept the invitation. those who want to reap, (its our choice..) need to WORK. idle people arent going to get anything. 
President then trained us on techniques of how to find new people.this morning i went to find a ukulele to use to get into peoples houses (white guy at the door with a ukulele offering to come in a share something with the family. COME ON IN!) buttttt the only instrument store here in barranca doesnt have a single ukulele. sooo if you send me mine i wont be upset. we need to use our talents to build up Gods kingdom. i need a uke! i never took up juggling or fire breathing so my options are kinda limited. 
mom, glad to hear you`re going out with the missionaries! haha dont worry, i feel like that every time we first meet people. its a little stressful getting things going but you just start talking and the spirit takes the rest. it doesnt take long to see whether they paid attention in the pre existance or not. if they arent interested. chao! haha but yeah usually with people that are living together, (which is the grand majority) we teach them chastity right off the bat. if they want to repent, perfect we stick around with em. if not, the next missionaries will get em when they`re ready. we are here to HARVEST. but americans do also react differently than the people here so the way to go at it is definitely different.
but speaking of conference (if you want to send me some of those crepes in an envelope i wouldnt be upset) we cant watch it till the 11 and 12. peru has elections here this weekend. so its going to be seven longgg days without church to look forward to. but if they make any insane announcements, let me know!
on saturday the branch had a temple trip. sadly we arent able to go with them. BUT. we had a ton of converts go with them. SUCCESS. theres a picture they took of the converts in front of the temple that i tried sending but the guy`s card doesnt read on here.. so ill try to get that to you. since april, between us and the sisters, we`ve had 28 converts. sadly a few of them werent quite "converted" and have decided not to stick with the church. but i mean they have their agency. too bad we cant force people into the celestial kingdom. i can imagine in lehi`s vision, seeing people`s hands strapped on to the rod. haha but theres still hope for them; who knows what will happen in a month or a year. the good thing is, the majority of them made it to the temple. BOOM. 
yesterday in testimony meeting Dimas, evelinda, and elida all gave their testimonies. its a dang good feeling seeing people progress in the gospel. we still  have to kinda baby-step leaders through ward council but its good preparation for when we`ll be working as leaders in the church later on. 
welp. this could be my last week here in barranca. its been one of the gnarliest experiences in my life. President ostler wasnt kidding in my blessing when he told e i would be stretched and refined like never before. came here as a boy, leaving as a man. hahaha sounds like the title of a video we had to watch in jr high.
thanks for the prayers and support, love you all. 
elder brown

heres a little elder brown scripture study. thats how i understood the earth being rolled together as a scroll as it says in 3 nefi. in d and c it says the earth will be like it was before the lands were divided in the millennium.. i could be totally wrong. oh well.

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