Sunday, September 21, 2014

wake me up when September ends..

september already?? time is starting to scare me. my budies are already heading home and pretty soon me and corbin are going to close it off for the mancave. 
so this week... where to start.
last week we moved us in to our new house and well its absolutely tiny. hha but the good news is that theres not stuff growing on the cieling and theres no noise. ill attatch some pics of our new humble abode.
last week on monday we ate as a zone and then went to the beach. me and elder hackleman observed sand. its crazy stuff. we got down on our knees, cupped a big pile of sand, and watched it "hourglass" out of our hands. it looked gnarley. then we were all talking about how god knows exactly how many grains of sand there are on that beach, and how he has created worlds and other creations that outnumber those grains of sand, and how he has it all present before his eyes. being a god is going to be awesome. we then all played soccer. my foot hurt a little and i figured it was from running on sand and rocks and stuff. then i looked up it and realized i had taken a nice slice into my foot. we got it cleaned up, took the sand out, and im good to go! it looked really cool though.
so we walked. alot. all week. looking for people to teach. we found quite a few, but when we went to actually teach them they said they were either busy or just werent there. eh, nothin i havent seen before.
this week we have an old dude getting bptized. his name is Silverio. he is the ex husband of Carmen, the lady that got baptized last week. they both go to church, attend the same classes and everything. kinda weird to me but i mean they`re over it haha. but this guy is awesome and he is soo stoked to get baptized. then next week there will be another marriage in barranca. Dimas and Rosario are going t get married next friday and then baptized on saturday. they have gone to church just about every day for the last five months and have  been waiting for a longgg time for this. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS. satan`s not to stoked about what we are doing here and he reallly likes to shake things up. 
last week we were in a  lesson with Carmen, mayra, and amavilia. at the end of the lesson, mayra told us that ever since her confirmation, she had feelings of regret about the decision she had made. we helped her recognize that she hadnt been puting in her part to gain her testimony. real prayer. real studying. we testimony bombed her and left her with the assignment to read, "feast upon the words of christ" and shed have her answer. we passed by the next day and she said "oh, and i did what yu told m. i know that this is the only true church now! thanks!" SUCCESS. god hears AND answers prayers, we just need to know how to receive that answer. word.
ohh and the other day we were reviewing the word of wisdom with the tenorio family and emiliano said that at work they were offering free bottles of wine and he refused to take it. then his buddy told him to get it and give it to him and he told him he was not going to do that either. BOOM. converts goin strong.
so as for everything else, im going to be honest. its been an absolute blur. it was a looooooooooong week of fallen appointments, door knocking, and just trying to to keep on keepin on haha. but because of that, it was a good week. every once in a while the words "patience and humility" passed through my mind. god knows im here.  he knows the effort im giving, he knows it all. and he knows what i need to go through to become the person he needs me to be for the rest of my life. i was talking to elder hackleman last night about the mission and life and well the physical aspect of the mission is the easiest. the one `people usually worry about the most. but, waking up early and walking around all day really arent hard. the real test is the mental and spiritual game. thats where god takes boys and turns them into men. and i am defnitely on that track. 
the other day i was reading the book of mormon and found a verse i really liked. alma 34:38. living in thanksgiving. when i think of that, the first thing that comes to mind is american deliciousness. but aside from that, its all about living wih gratitude. even when things arent the best, we can be happy and, as mark always tells me, keep on keepin on.
love you
elder brown
oh and heres a picture of me and elder llaguento. he was my zone leader back in el olivar. our comps had to o to lima yesterday to go to immigrations so we are together today

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