Sunday, September 21, 2014

SILVER(io) AND GOLD -The prospector

hola amada familia,
so this week has been nuuuuuuuuuuuuts. rollercoasterin it since last monday.
so last week on monday i was with elder llaguento as i had mentioned last week, until our comps got back from immigrations. after internet, we went to the church building and made pancakes. like real ones.sister archibald had given a box of betty crocker mix to sister Jones in our district so we feasted. i had her make me a Mickey mouse pancake for old time`s sake. they were amazed when i said my mom used to make pancakes shaped like everything from rocketships to ninja turtles. not everyone`s mom is as cool as mine i guess.
during the week it was business as usual. loooooooooooots of walking. loooooooots of knocking doors. and looooooots of just doin work. on friday i went to the zone leaders area and worked a day with elder larsen. dude works like an animal. it was a good day. dont know why but working with an american is soooooooooo much different. it was a nice break to speak english all day and work wih someone else who is here to WORK. that night we went to a house. dude had a harp. i tuned it up and tried playing it. then the guy tuned it up even better and started playing some weird peruvian tribal thing. it was cool though.
on saturday we had silverio`s baptism. that guy is a boss. his baptism started at 6. we went by at 4:45 to remind him to bring extra clothes and sandals and stuff, and when we knocked the door, he came out, his bag in hand and just said so are we going to go now? oh. uhhh yeah lets go! so we walked with him down to the church, left him with the members while we picked up my clothes, and came back. it was weird baptizing someone so tall. these faunts are designed for "little people big world" type of people. so it was  a struggle but on the second time we got him all the way under. exito!
during the baptismal service i looked over and saw Dimas and rosario walk by in the hallway.after the baptism of silverio, we walked outside to find that dimas and rosario had been talking to the hermano in our ward who is helping out with the marriage. dimas later came up tome to tell me that because of their situation (time, money, family, etc.) they would be putting off their wedding until after elections for somewhere around the 20 of next month. we warned him of the consequences of that decision and told him how satan works alot harder than we do and he doesnt ever rest. we left him by telling them to pray about it to see if they should go through with it this week. we walked out of the church and as i started to walk down the street, verrry ticked, i stopped. i thought about it, and felt the spirit telling me to go back and talk to them. i cant lose them right now, not after all we`ve been through and all the time we`ve waited. so, without saying a word to my companion, i turned around and headed back to the church. we walked in the gates to see them leaving the building and we asked if we could talk right now. we walked back inside with hem, found a room, and sat down inside. after starting with a prayer, we discussed their situation. they had just finished paying off some debts and had thought that with everything (rings, dress, food, family, etc.) a wedding just wouldnt be possible right now. we then read alma 34:32-34 (THANK YOU SCRIPTURE MASTERY) and explained the importance of repenting NOW and that they couldnt afford to wait any longer. we then had them kneel down and pray and see if god still wanted them to get married and baptized this week. they prayed. strong answer came. we then explained how when we set that date for their wedding and baptism. it was between us, them, and God. we have done our part, theyve done theirs, now it was time to put their trust in god. we then read 3 nephi 13:31-34 and explained the importance of just getting it done. dont worry about rings, dresses, family. just do it, and god will take care of everythingggggggg. they decided to go through with it. this week they are going to get married and baptized. afterwards i thought about how crucial that moment was when i was out standing on the sidewalk thinking about whether or not to go back. what would have happened if i kept walking? i know god is working WITH us. they are getting baptized now, and next weekend, they can go get baptized for their dead family members. along with silverio and his four dead brothers. and the other converts who are preparing to go. this work we are doing is HUGE. i used to just think of these people and their posterity, but i understand now that this work is for all of their ancestors as well and we are the instruments in god`s hands to bring that to pass. 
that was copied from my letter to president because i didnt want to have to type it twice. but yeah it was a crazy powerful moment with them and this week they will be married and baptized and its good stuff. satan is pretty mad with us and is throwing all sorts of stuff at me right now but i mean its cool.
when we were talking to silverio about temples this past wee, he told us how he has four brothers that have passed away. i then thought about how we met silverio and realized how much work we are doing for the dead and how much work they are doing for us. they started teaching dimas and rosario before i got here. when i got here we started to hold volleyball nights. they came. rosario invited carmen. she ended up getting baptized with her daughters. which led us to silverio. who is now baptized. both silverio and carmen lived in the sierra a longggg time ago. they separated. he lived in lima for a long time and she lived here and got remarried. then less than a year ago he moved here with his daughter (im guessing so they could be near their mom). a few months passed, we met them, then met him, now they and many of their dead family members are and will be baptized. pretty cool how everything works out.
so its on to another week of work and survival. pray for me. 
love elder brown.

hope you enjoy this one! a little revised version of "praise to the man" the words dont flow if you try singing it so just read it like a poem. word.

Praise to the man who communed with Jehovah,
Chosen by God to lead Israel this day.
Prophets foretold of this last dispensation,
Truth`s been restored, He has lighted the way.

Into the Grove on that early spring morning,
He went seeking answers from Father above.
A pillar of light was the end of all darkness,
Unto him appeared both the Father and Son.

Upon his head were the keys of the Priesthood
Restored by the hands of those chosen of old.
Mysteries revealed and treasures uncovered;
Never again shall these blessings withhold.

Born as a farm boy and killed as a martyr,
Armies and devils against him combine.
Houses may burn and men can be slain,
But no man can put an end to God`s designs.

Hail to the Prophet, ascended to heaven,
Now crowned with glory eternal by God.
A friend, a father, a prophet, a martyr;
Dear Brother Joseph never shall be forgot.

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