Monday, September 1, 2014

The Adventure of Elder Brown. a new house and a new comp. 1st edition

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so last week on monday it was a day of saying goodbye. my comp and hermana leyva have left the district. she is home now and elder castillo is in the zone i was born in, puente piedra,and hes in sister Brown`s district (she will be delivering my hammock to you in october). we had a huge FHE in the chapel that night. some lady like fainted in her chair and everyone was trying to help her out while the guy directing just quietly kept speaking and tried to get everyone to move on to the "games" portion of the night. i stood there kinda looking around not knowing what was going on and well i felt awkward haha. but it all turned out ok.
on tuesday. CHANGES. my new comp is elder rodriquez. he is from bolivia. he is from a group of missionaries that got moved here to our mission from venezuela because things got crazy over there and they had to get them out. he will be finishing the mission in my group in march. hes a cool guy, we are just trying to get used to each other i guess.
on thursday we had a training meeting with president archibald. he came here with the zone and district leaders from here, huaral, huacho, and huaraz. i got to see Elder Beckstead, the one who just got here last week form my school. it was soooooooooooo good to see him! dont know how but mom if you can contact his mom somehow, im sure she`ll be happy to know hes got buddies in the mission. i also met the friend of one of my friends from pleasant grove utah. and i met a kid from cedar city that says he knows tysons family, elder lunt.
that day i got to go up and give a demonstration for a baptismal interview. they gave me a rough situation to figure out but i think it turned out pretty well. it helps when you have been a district leader more than half your mission. bishop prep. 
saturday was a solid day! Carmen, Amavilia and Mayra got baptized. i got to baptize the three of them and my legs kinda lost all feeling by the end of it. we had the heater going but it didnt really work. though they left shivering, it all went well. and they got confirmed the next day. baptism: COMPLETE.
so this morning we moved! we are now just down the street a little closer to the church. its way smaller inside but we dont have to hear "HUACHO HUACHO HUARME HUAYTO!!!!" all. morning. and it doesnt have stuff growing on the walls. happy new home.
so yeah i wish i remembered more from this last week. its been a huge blur. but here are my fotos of the baptism and elder beckstead.
thanks, love you,
elder brown
oh and heres a picture of the sisters bathroom door handle. they locked it shut and it wouldnt open up, so while they were in lima, we went in to open it. elder dorado kicked the door handle in. 

                                                 Elder Beckstead who was in Kendall's seminary class just go to Peru!

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