Monday, November 25, 2013

HAPPY THANKS GIVING! ...and happy hanukkuh to my jewish homies..

Whats upppppppppppppp this week was sooooo much better!
sorry if this email is missing ´h´s. the h on this keyboard is messed up and i gotta press it really hard.
that family picture is awesome. our family is massive haha MORMONS. glad to see jeff is going for the paul bunion look. i guess he broke his shaving arm.. oh and save me some of those tacos. i  need em. real bad. this food just isnt working for me anymore...
last week on p day we went to the airport to eat. dumb idea aha we all left there missing home. BUT i did find dunkin donuts. i bought a half dozen.. that was my lunch.
so last week when we got home from our zone meeting, we had two different ladies come up to US and ask where and when we meet on sundays. it was literally unbelievable. we werent able to have appointments with them but hopefully this week. we had a nice week of appointments. finally.
one of our investigators is the best investigator ive ever had. he reads all the lesson pamphlets and studies the scripture references in the back. he´ll either be baptized this week or next. NICE. 
on saturday we had a ward baptism for a little girl named Madelein. we "rescued" (that sounds weird in english...) her mom and got her baptized. the water was freezing. i got in the water and she refused to follow me in. i told her to just do it quick, she was shaking the second her toe touched the water. i didnt have any problem with it 
because my legs were already numb aha. she left the water crying... but they got her warmed up quick. im just worried she´s mad at us now haha
the other day we had an awesome lesson with the 60 years old karate master. he looks like G Mo in thirty years. this guy´s yoked. after teaching him the restoration, he asked us how he could testify with the assurity that we have so that he could teach his family and testify that he KNOWS. i told im how for a longg time i didnt know. it took me coming out on the mission and humbling myself enough to receive the answer. and now i know. its not a belief or a thought. i know.. that morning the spirit inspired me to change course a bit in my studies and "go back to the basics". i went to the bible dictionary to study faith. it really helped with that lesson. we told him that a testimony of the gospel requires living its principles, and diligently seeking an answer through study and prayer. we left him alma 32 as homework.
welp. i hope you all have a solid thanksgiving! it sounds like a full house this week. have fun! they dont celebrate thanksgiving down here. dang pilgrims forgot to take a pit stop in peru before going to the states. oh well. me, elder kitchens and elder garner are gonna find as much american food as we can and have a feast on thursday. its gonna be sweet. and im going to buy some dradles and candles for the first day of hanukkuh on thursday as well.. nah. 
i love you all and i am sooo thankful for you. kinda a bumber to not be with the family on thanksgiving, but i´ll have plenty when i get back! have fun and eat a TON.
elder brown

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