Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Burfdday to Jeffreyyy

Como están todos?? sounds like its been a solid week back home. sterlings back, mark and jeff are crippled, and the tree is up in the living room. oh man.
well its been another slow week. i mean slow. we had appointments almost all day everyday and we ended up with i think five or six in total. super rough. we gave about five blessings this week so that was cool. i always struggle with the names when i give them. they all have four names and they´re all crazy. good stuf! welp. i hope its better this week. i didnt think it could get worse from last week. it did haha.
one fun thing im learning to do here is running a ward council. haha the church is still in its first and second generations down here so things dont exactly work like they do up there. but hey, im learning how these things work to help me later in life. its funny to see 19 year old kids trying to  be the responsible ones in making the leaders of the church get the ball rollin. the church is true!
this week we said goodbye to elder Arnett. he got changed up to Huaraz. look it up online, its awesome! its green, theres lakes, and theres LLAMAS. lucky dog. it was funny though, right when i first got into the field, i was in his zone for about three weeks and they changed him over here. then i get here and hes like "watch im gonna get another emergency change because you´re here".. the next week.. EMERGENCY CHANGE. i dont think we´re supposed to serve in the same zone. i´ll get sent up to huaraz and i´ll miss him by one day.
so ive been practicing piano. the elder i replaced bought a mini electric keyboard so ive been using that and a piano book Hermano Rojas had in his book shelves. i should have never quit haha but hey its all good. im progressing pretty fast.
ah so you got the email from brother thomas eh? it was cool, we just left our room and were walking down the street and in spanish this guy says "hey im looking for the mormon church!" turns out he was a tall white guy from calfornia who served in arequipa and puno (where my companions from) 45 years ago. there were 7 members inpuno when he was there and now they have a stake. missionaries have been workin eh?
my companions awesome. e was telling me about things with his parents from before his mission. they arent members and his dad wasnt exactly rthrilled about leaving on a mission. he had just been offered a sick job and all sorts of stuff, but as a 25 year old decided to go out and serve. he´s a huge example to me. i never really think about how blessed i am to have a huge family behind me thats all solid in the church. thank you all.
oh and i met a guy last night who met david o mckay years ago when he came down to peru. hes not a member but hopefully we can change that soon.
welp, sorry for the boring week. ha its been rough but hopefully everything wont fall. again. pray for me eh?? welp, have a solid week and have fun putting up christmas.. without me.. ahhhhh ha nah no worries. me and elder ali are gonna make our room look real fly. word.
elder brown

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