Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1st Full Week in 200 Millas

Mi amada familia, que tallllllll??
welp its  been  a   great week here. kinda.. yeah it was pretty good.
so as i mentioned before i have elder robert arnett in my zone , sittin next to him right now actually. its awesome to have  him here with me. 
So the week started off well with the work. we had a couple members walk around with us and give us some instant-contact references, and the first few days were completely full. but, it was a slow decline of work until finally yesterday literally everything fell. we had nothing. and i dont know the area and elder ali didnt know what to do so we just went to our pensionista´s at like seven and then went straight hom  eto talk to hermano Rojas. on sundays we end at 8 so we only got home a little early, and knocking doors is literally a waste of time, especially at night so we called it  good and decided to have a nice church discussion with the man who brought seminary to peru and was the first peruvian missionary. 
the good thing is that it cant really get worse than having nothing, so i have high hopes for this  week!
on saturday we woke up at like 5 to go help out with a stake service project. here, a stake service project is comprised of all the missionaries working, and the stake presidency in their suits to direct it. things work a little different down here, ha but its cool. we loaded a ton of stuff the stake had collected into a truck which was taken over to Faucet, right next to the airport. there was a huge fire here the other week and there a tons of people that literally have nothing.  Mark, you{d have a ton of business if you were down here haha. halfway there the truck broke down because it weighed  too much. so we had to send a few rescue pick up trucks to take off some of the load. once the beds were filled we had to get them over to the fire. one of the Callao police guys had me lay down on top of the load of boxes of water to hold them down and make sure nothing fell out. i can only imagine how this looked... a gringo in a bright yellow church service shirt, sprawled out doing the star fish over boxes of water, holding on for dear life with one arm and a foot hooked around the corner of one of the boxes, cruising down the freeway in Lima Perú. it was a little sketchy but it was fun!
when we finished up, i took off the service shirt. one of the hermanas commented on my shirt... i just happened to be wearing my smokey the bear t shirt. real appropriate for the situation. i hadnt even thought about it. ha its  agood thing none of the people here knew who smokey was. WHOOOPS. 
there´s pictures  and interviews on noticiasmormonas.org (i think) if you wanna check it out.
yesterday i gave a talk in church. i was asked to speak for five minutes on the book of mormon. it went really well. i love when the spirit speaks through me and amps up my spanish alot. its cool to listen to myself as i speak in a fluidity and speed that i normally dont have. the Lord really has blessed me in my spanish. i get comments all the time and all i can say is that its God. i hav ent worked hard or really done anything on my part. just blessed.
oh and this morning i finished jesus the christ this morning! that book is intense! there were plenty of times where i would have to reread a part or re pray to keep going.
well it sounds like everythings goin good! jeff, get better! maci, stop getting old! everyone, keep on keepin on!
les quiero mucho!
elder brown                          

                                            Elder Arnett and Elder Brown from Mesa AZ

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