Monday, December 9, 2013


Ho ho ho ho. eh, still not feelin it.
what is upppppppppp errbody. welp. what a week. thanksgiving. that was good stuff!
on thursday we left in the morning to go meet up with a member to take us around a part of our area we arent familiar with. he wasnt there so we went back home. when we walked in the door, we found hermano rojas in the kitchen pulling tortillas and cheese out of a grocery bag. he looked at me and said its thanksgiving, no? then he just giggled and went on to make us quesadillas to help remind me a bit of home haha it was sooo awesome. then later in the day, elder kitchens came and worked in my areea with me. elder garner and his companion met up with us and we went to tottus and we bought as much american junk food as we could. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. my pensionista made pancakes (i bought syrup that day for it as well) for me and elder kitchens that night as well. it was a beautifullllllllll day. 
on saturday we ahd a serice project with the stake. we all went to the beach up by my old area to clean it.l there was soooooooo much garbage. there was another organization with hundreds of people. and some peruvian military.. haha we filled up sooo many garbage bags. it still looked like a dump when we were gone. nuts. it was cloudy all day but the sun still got me. my face and neck are a little red. lately its been warming up a little. for the most part its always overcast, but during the day the sun comes out. its like california, except it smells bad. i thought it would be way more humid down here but its not bad at all. we´ll see how it goes when january and february comes.
welp, luis saldaƱa i was telling you about, the investigator of absolute GOLD got a job back up north and bailed. sooo we wont be seeing his baptism next week like we thought... but we´re going to make sure the missionaries get to him up there.
we had a soliddddddddd lesson last night. this guy named pedro saavedra and his girlfriend diana. pedro is a member but has been away from the church for a long time. his girlfriend isnt a member. they both went to church yesterday. last night they both expressed how they want our help to learn more (for him to get back into the church and be a good example of what sets us apart as a religion). its awesome to see how the gospel is able to change people, and i can already see how it is going to change them in the future. their lives will be blessed for the eternities.
yes i got my package last week! the candy was gone in less thaan 24 hours i think... haha thanks!
i got my christmas stuff set up the other day and its lookin gooooood. i originally taped the garland and lights up above my closet but the tape kept falling off. i eventually just tore it all down and draped it over my bookshelf and desk. 
my nativity scene is awesome thank you soooooo much! best part of setting up christmas stuff back home. i wrote a sick poem about the nativity and it has to do with alot of that stuff you were saying about christmas time. unfortunately i left it at home because i wouldnt have time to type it up today because i had to make sure my skype was all good to go. 
yes we get to skype on christmas! BUT, president wont allow us to do a "pre call" to let you know when we are going to call. so i need you to send me the name of whatever account youre going to be on and what time you guys can talk. dont write back and say "whatever works for you" ha because whenever you can, i can get to an internet or a memebrs house. it all depends on you. mom, i need you to coordinate with dad as well. im not sure how the whole "time limit" will work out but just so youknow to have a general time gap. sorry i know you all have a bunch of stuff on christmas but if you could figure out a time thatd be great. thanks!
welp thats it for this week. glad everythings going well and that everyone could get together for thanksgiving! love you and thanks for the prayers and support!
Kendall's Desk with his Christmas Garland

Quesadillas- a little piece of home

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