Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sent from a man traveling in Peru

I just received this picture and message from a man who is traveling and saw these handsome missionaries. Warms my heart to know that people are so kind to take time out f their life to brighten a Mother far far away from her son.

No me conocen.
You do not know me.
Vivo en Upland, California.
I  live in Upland, California.
Servi la mision mia aqui en el Peru hace 45 anos.
I served my mission here in Peru 45 years ago.
Ahora soy turista.
Now  I am a tourist.
!No puedo expresar el gozo que senti Al encontrar a sus hijos trabajando en la ciudad hoy!
I cannot tell you the joy that I felt when I found your  sons working in the
City  today!
Deben ser orguliousos de ellos!
You  should be very proud of them!
Gracias por hacer el sacrificio de mandarles tan lejos de su casa  en la
obra  del Senior.
Thank  you for making the sacrifice of sending them so far from home in the
 work of the Lord.
El trabajo que hacen es bueno!
They are doing a good work!
Jim Thomas - El Viejito

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