Tuesday, November 12, 2013


What is upppppp???
we had changes on saturday and i finally got changed. they took both elder fallas and i out of the area. elder fallas went to the offices as personal secretary and they sent me in towards the city in the zone "El Olivar". my area is called Doscientas Millas (two hundred miles) and my companion is Elder Ali. this guy is awesome! he´s 25 and the only member in his family, from Puno Peru. Elder Arnett is in my zone again! solid. my area is completely flat except for a huge hill in the middle of it but its just dirt, no houses. so hopefully my back and leg heal up nicely.
at changes President taught us alot. one of the things he taught was the importance of the Book of Mormon. he said if we´re mormons, then it makes no sense if we arent reading and testifying of the book of mormon. when people are converted, its never because of something the missionaries say. its not from som,ething they read in the bible. its from the book of mormon. its the most powerful tool we have. its real and it works!
i went to get checked at the doctor last week and got x rays and stuff. he says the tendons are swollen in my leg up by my hip. he gave my an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. yayy pills. haha so for a few days alst week  just laid in my bed all week to rest my back and my leg. fun stuff. i can actually walk now so im improving!
it was tough saying goodbye to my area, especially because i had to stay in doors for most of my last week. and alot of the people i had taught werent home when we went to say goodbye haha good timing on our parts i guess. the day before changes we had to change pensions so our last meal couldnt be with hermana Magela. bummer.
as parting gifts from my old area, one of the members there gave me one of his ties. one of my investigators, Charly, a guy thats so big i literally dont think he´ll be able to fit in the faunt (ocean baptism!!) gave me a pirated copy of "Lion King. numbers 1-5".. last time i checked theres only two versions and 3 if you count the one of timon and pumba. welcome to peru!
so we live with a guy named Wilfred Rojas. believe it or not he was the very  first peruvian  missionary. and he looks like Cnl. Sanders. this guy is awesome!
and yes we got cell phones now. we´re rollin with some high class Nokia phones. if we had any form of iphone or tablet we´d get robbed in two seconds! and no we dont have facebook either. we like to do missionary work the old fashioned way.. talking to people in person. ha maybe one day.
oh and my area is right by the air port so i see planes lannding ALL. DAY. its killing me. 
church was good yesterday, they had me go up and present myself to the ward and this week im giving a 5 minute talk in sacrament meeting on The Book of mormon.
we{ve only had a couple lessons since ive been here. the coolest one was yesterday with a gu named Julio Torres.´this guys tight, hes 61 and hes a hard core karate guy. hes a less active guy thats been living in venezuela for a while and just moved back down here. his wife and kids are still over there so hes here alone. we talked to him about the priesthood and the book of mormon.
so jeff AND mark are getting surgery?? BUMMER. good luck with that! looks like our family´s health is malfunctioning. and yes mom im still reading jesus the christ, im almost done, only a couple more hundred pages.. which really is almost to the end. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 
i{ll try to send pictures this week. my card is being dumb again. its got some crazy viruses so if im able to im literally going to send all of my pictures home so mark can put them into a file before my card erases them.
well i love you lal and im soo grateful for your support and prayers. the church is true! live it and love it.
elder brown

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