Monday, October 28, 2013

Merry Christmas to meee

Whats upppppppppppppppppp
So yes this week was sickkkkkkkkk! friday was a miracle. we were supposed to recieve a call from sister baldwin to be able to go eat with her and get my package. but. we got called into the offices. I prayed real hard that shed call before we left so that we could tell her what was goin down and figure something else out. she didnt call. so we went to the offices. right when we walked in the door, the Assistants told us we´d be picking up our new companion (his name is Elder Billalba from Salta, Argentina). well him and his two old companions showed up and as they were getting their things out of the car, another car rolled up. the assistants went out to get some packages from the car, the door was open and i heard a lady mention "elder Brown". i walked outside and found sister Baldwin. she was dropping other packages off right when we happened to be there. she took another delivery over to the offices of another mission and then met us at McDonalds. i ate a big mac. it was good. MURICA!!! and yes my christmas stuff got down here! i started to read the testimonies but decided it was better that i at least save them till thanksgiving along with my present. i put it all in my luggage under my bed so i wouldnt be tempted.
oh and shout out to grandma Connie for stayin strong with the frequent DearElders! thanks grandma!
haha WAIT WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT fonz and alyssa bird are geting married??? noooooooo thats awesome! i mean you know what they say, mission farewells just bring everyone together! 
dang thats a bummer about jeff. i have a similar problem... haha i havent really been able to walk for the past couple days... we´re going into the clinic today so no worries! hopefully its not anything serious. at first it was my groin, which always happens, but yesterday the pain moved to the front of my leg like on my hip. theres no swelling or discoloration and i used some cream stuff from elder billalba that is supposed to heat up if your muscles are messed up. i didnt feel anything. the medical elder in the office thinks its my nerve. we´ll see haha
welll it was aweome getting to talk to sister baldwin. and i was surprised too mom. im realzing how much i really do understand of the language. some days its a little harder but im comin along just fine.
so yesterday in elders quorum we had a sickkk lesson. it was about "Creo".. i believe. he encourraged us to believe in ourselves. really think about who we are, what we are capable of, and who we are capable of becoming. he said to write a list. draw a line down the middle and on one side write strengths, talents, and abilties, the other side your defects or weaknesses, then work to realize your potential and overcome the weakness.
love you all thanks for everythingggggggggggggg. really though. and uncle doug, i appreciated the letter and the old mission picture like you wouldnt believe. haha it is now hanging above my desk. 
bueno, les quiero!
elder brown

                           Kendall and Sis. Baldwin. She took Kendall to lunch and took a bag full of goodies from us to  him for Christmas. You gotta send things when your  friend is heading to Peru, even if it is a wee bit early. And Yes there are things he cannot open until Thanksgiving. Feliz Navidad!!

                                Kendall and Elder Fallas at lunch with Sister Baldwin. She is the best!

That's our Kendall! Always happy!

                  These shoes and sweater are from a guy we are teaching. he is freaking tall.
                           Well normal for me i guess. but he gave me some Nike Jordans and a sweater ha it was so                                awesome.

                                                   Me and Elder Macdonald

                                             Heres some Chifa (latino chinese food)

Kendall has always loved the candles I burn and his favorite is this one I burn from November through December. So here he is in dreamland,  "smelling his life away!"

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