Monday, September 30, 2013

I Would like to buy a Hamburger.

whats upppppppppppppppppppppp,
so this week went by crazy fast and i really cant remember much.. so here we go!
wait, so two weeks ago (i forgot to mention this last week), i gave a talk in churhc. i talked about faith in keeping the commandments and emphasized the point of obeying the law of Tithing. it went pretty well. its so cool to feel the spirit loosen my tongue to speak clearly when i need it to. I eard my self speak with speed and clarity that literally can only be explained by being bless from God with the Gift of Tongues to help others out. cool stuff!
so last week we had changes. only one elder (elder miller) got changed from our zone. everyone else stayed and we got two more elders into the zone. the one that replaced elder miller is Elder Gallardo from Paraguay. he said he lives in the asuncion mission but he never knew Josh. we also got a new missionary named Elder Macdonald. turns out he went to Red Mountain (booooo!!!) and we know alot of the same people from BYU and from mesa as well. 
So the other day i was sitting at a family´s house with Elder Aldana (we were doing a work visit so elder fallas was in the other area). You remember in Pink Panther when the lady is teahin Inspector Cluseau how to speak English? I literally did the same thing to elder Aldana and no joke when we got to the word Hamburger, he literally couldn´t say it hahaha good stuff.
this coming week we have a baptism planned for a lady named Gasdali and the following week for two sister named Lisebeth and Roseli. i hope they dont fall through. pray for us.
Well nothin much else happened this week... i ate goat yesterday. that was fun i guess. oh and last week when we were playing football (the good kind, not that american garbage), i jumped into another elder when we were going for the ball and his heel hit my shin. we were both on the ground. my shin started turning purple right away and by that night it was nice and puffy. im sending a picture of it. its still a little swollen and after having high socks on all day and walking alot, it swells up and makes my shin look like its got a got. nice. hopefully this week it will heal up completely. no worries, it hasnt affected me working, it doesnt hurt. it just feels weird when i touch it.
Ive had a few experiences this past week where ive prayed and turned to the scriptures and literally have recieved answers instantly. its amazing to see how the Lord really is there listening and is just waiting to bless us with answers. sometimes it takes more wrk to recieve an answer. sometimes we realyyyyyyyy need to show him that we reallyyyyyy want it. but he will ALWAYS answer. always. i know God lives. i Know this is His church. im not just out on vacation in Peru for two years because i think this is fun. Im out here because this literally is Christ´s church. people need to know it and its up to them to accept it. it really bums me out when people choose not to accept the invitations we give them. more and more im finding out how small i am in this great work. it literally is all God. His spirit, his power, him. the spirit is the one that takes the message to their hearts. We are literally only here to carry the messages. Love you all!

fu'tbol injury

Elder Brown

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