Monday, September 16, 2013

Watt is apppppppppppp

Hola mi familia amadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
thank yo sooooooooooooooooo much for the package. i cant even tell you how happy i was to see the greatest America has to offer all in one giant Trader Joe´s bag. so awesome. that night, i bought a churro and brought it home to put peanut butter on it. haha best churro ive ever had. i think ive gained a good thirty pounds this week.
oh yeah, i got a new bed this week. its flat! im sendin a picture.
This past week, on thursday, we  had a Noche Misional. we invited members/ investigators to the church and we showed the Testaments. we had popcorn and a tonnn of inca cola. At first we were super bummed. there were only a few people that showed up. disappointed, we walked inside to start the movie. After a few minutes, a few people started to show up. and, after a little longer, the whole room was full. it was awesome! we just had to wait for Peruvian Standard Time to kick in. next time we literally have to announce that its an hour earlier so that people can show up when its supposed to really start.
This saturday we had a baptism;  a 15 year old girl named Ariana. she is the cousin of a family in our ward and had been coming to church with them. we taught her faster than anyone we´ve ever taught before: a week and a half from start to baptism. it was nuts! her cousin Luis did the baptism and we confirmed her right after. i´ll send some pictures so you can see. you´ll see Luis´s litle brother, pur buddy Aron too. that kids awesome, hes four, and just sits at home all day and plays grand theft auto on the computer haha.
yesterday we had a stake conference. it was a peru-wide (is that how you say that?) broadcast from Salt lake. we heard from an elder from the  Seventy, Linda S Reeves from the relief society presidency, Elder David A Bednar (who spoke on repentance), and Elder Richard G Scott (who spoke on the sanctity of women). it was awesome, just what they need down here! we were super blessed to hear from apostles. Elder Scott speaks spanish reallly well. Sister reeves sounds kinda like jessalyn when she tries speaking spanish hahaha. and elder Bednar had a voice-over translator.
so on the way to internet i was thinking of something cool to share. i thought back to the Fourth Watch, the talk by S Michael Wilcox. it is about how God always comes through, even when we dont think he hear us. he talks abvout how God always gives bread, never stones. always eggs, never scorpions. always fish, never serpents. he then talks about how he gives us things things when we ask for them but not always in the manner we expect. we ask for bread and he gives it to us, but not the exact kind of bread we wanted. maybe we ask for an egg, and he gives it to us, but not the way we wanted it to be prepared. the point is, God loves us. he ALWAYS is there to bless us. it isnt always in the manner we expect, but he always blesses us. he loves us. im learning more and more about how dependent i really am upon him, and that i have a lottttttttttt to learn and a lotttttttttt of humbling to do. Out of all the titles of deity, God asks that we address him as Father. We are His children. when you feel like he cant hear you, or feel like the end of a trial wont ever come, keep praying, keep having faith, and take comfort in knowing that He´s always watching from the hill when we are being thrashed by the waves. he is aware. when the jaredites crossed the waters, they were faced with towering waves, which (at times ver roughly) pushed them to the promised land. the waves were caused by the wind. the wind was caused by God. some times he needs to put us through things, but its because it is necessary to get us to our promised lands. i encourage you to read the story of Joseph in Egypt. it is a story of constant ups and downs. he had to go through all those trials to end up as high up as he was in Egypt. he couldnt have gotten straight there from where he was at the beginning with his brothers. the lord had greater things in store for him, but there were challenges that needed to be faced to prepare Joseph for greater things. i love you all, the church is true. PEACE.
Elder Brown

Ariana's baptism

                                                 This is the Kendall I miss! Always laughing!

                                                        Churro with PB from America

                                    These are Kendall favorite snacks and junk food from America he requested and so we sent them in a package along with other more practical things like socks, CD's of wonderful music and talks, Granpa Riggs poem book he wrote that was requested as well. And other essentials like American toothepaste!

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