Monday, September 2, 2013


so to start out, just a cool story from the other day... we went to visit Miguel, the kid we baptized a couple months ago. we were talking and he just said, wait, i have something for you guys. he went inside then came out and handed us each our favorite  pens. it was so awesome! it seems like nothing. pens. but it was just so cool to experience that. kinda had to have been there i guess, haha
so everythings goin good down here. its still pretty cold. and we have this new rule that if we are cold, we cant just wear a sweater. our first line of defense is our suit coats. then, if we are still cold, we can wear a sweater underneath. im considering just freezing to death because i hate wearing these coatws when im out walking.
so nothing too crazy happened this week. we got omney, that was fun i guess. im not dead poor anymore and i got to see elder McAllister at the bank. cool stuff!
this morning i bould wildberry skittles. they were awesome. it was like America in my mouth.
so this past week ive ben struggling big time with keeping my head in the present, not worrying about the future. And as a missionary, if your mind is anywhere but the mission, you´re basically gonna die. so i was dying all week. aha but i was thinking and reading and praying and talking myself through it to stay focused and i thought of a sick quote. now i just need to figure out how to actually have it take affect haha but here it is: "Tomorrow will always come again, but Today can´t return once it becomes Yesterday". there´s my wisdom for the day. take it or leave it because its all i got.
yesterday was AWESOME. after a week of struggles and countless fallen appointments (whats new?), i had a strongggg spirit present fast sunday. it felt great. the spirit is the key. in the talk "the dormant spirit" it talks alot about this. the most enlightened moments or moments in which we think the clearest are moments when we are under the influence of the spirit. sweet, welp, until next week!
Elder brown

                       I thought I would post this of me and Sis.Baldwin below. She takes packages to Peru every few months and so Mark and I took her a package and spent an hour and half talking with her and her husband. Love them!

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