Monday, September 9, 2013

Mañana= Five Months

well its a good thing ive sent home alot of pictures because the other day i accidently erased everything.. my bad. eh, whats five months worth of memories?
haha so the other day, elder fallas told me he found the picture of ud on my first day here and compared me to how i look right now. he told me i look trashed. i guess hard work and 2 tons of rice does that to a man. haha but i think what he said is true because i feel exhausted. and my pants dont fit me very well. yesterday when i was getting ready for church i put on my pants and realized how massive they were. i sinched my belt up super tight to make them actually fit me and it looked like i was wearing a draw-string bag with pant-legs. alright its not thattt bad but im definitely thinning out.
so nothing too crazt happened this week. i was sick for a day (everything was fine, my body just felt i got beat up. in a meat freezer. the next day i felt way better but elder fallas was dying. he had doube dragoned Double dragon- v. the act of sitting on the toilet and throwing up at the same dime because of other bodily disasters. you´re welcome.) the night before and felt like garbage for the whole next day. soo we basically went two days of laying in bed, reading, and listening to talks. real exciting. i gave him a  blessing on saturday night and yesterday we were able to work and go to church. IVE GOT THE POWAHHHHHHHHHH. HE-MAN!!! nah, definitely the priesthood and the holy spirit worked that one. i was just a helper. ut it was cool. welp, i hope all is well. there´s a basic update for the week. 
this mroning i was reading in the Book of mormon and i felt onece again for the millionth time the peace that come with it. this book is awesome. people just need to read it and everything else works out. its so easyyyyyyyy just do it. k cool. les quiero! cuidase!
elder brown

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