Monday, September 23, 2013


Heyyyyyyy family whats up??
this week we had an awesome meeting with Elder Uceda from the seventy. it was so good! he basically burned us and called us all to repentance haha but it was awesome! he talked to us alot about missionary conduct and the importance of following the missionary manual. President Archibald spoke to us also about the prophets and men who are called of God. he said something about how we learn about these men in primary and talk about them in the church, and here we are, just taking pictures with a member of the Seventy. So cool to think about. oh and i got to see Elder McAllister, Elder Cody, Elder Arnett, herana brown, and Elder Paredes. i also say Elder Aubrey (my grandpa in the mission and the cousin of Jackson Aubrey (are him and rachel still together? if not i apologize for the awkward situation.)). and i saw elder richards and elder hackleman, the other white guys from my group.
So we learned something wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool the other day. we were in a lesson and we had a member with us in the lesson. the lady mentioned how its not something every one knows, that Christ really came here to the Americas. the member we had with us then mentioned how he was listening to a cd about the history of Peru. he told us Peru translates to "Abundancia" in spanish. (apparently the word peru is in some Incan language). and the cool part is "la tierra de abundancia" is where Christ came. in english: the land Bountiful. so you know... no big deal.. its just a possibility that this is where he Came down. .. haha not where i am though, its straight up sand hills here. just somethin cool. i dont know if thats 100% accurate or not.
the other day we had "noche blanca" where we had like a zone-wide baptism. it was awesome, a group from our zone got up and sang "how firm a foundation". the only problem was that our baptism couldnt be baptized till the next day because she wanted her primary teacher to be there.
which brings me to my next point, WE HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM YESTERDAY. an 11 year old girl named Misami. it was a really good baptism, the water was freeeeezing though. ¡vale la pena! i´ll send some pictures.
Welp i hope all is well! i dont really have any good messages to share this week, i just ask that you keep praying for our safety. II was literally inches away from being mawled and eaten by two giant bears that looked like dogs. haha one of the scariest things of my life. but hey, im alive! it stopped and they both walked away and laid down as if nothing happened. i definitely had angels holding those things on spirit leashes. 
love you all!
elder brown, bear-dog slayer.

Elder Brown and Misami. a 11 yr old girl

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