Monday, October 7, 2013

"Fourth Missionary"

holaaaaaaa familiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
so yes i hit six months this week. un. freaking real. haha if i remember, im gonna burn a tie this week!
so this week we had an awesoooooooooome zone conference. our zone is killing it right now so President and Hermana Archibald brought papa johns and he taught us about the creation and the fall like ive never learned or heard of before. it was intense. Zona Puente Piedra for the win!
Conference was nutttttsssssssssssssssssssss. yes all the gringos got to watch al the sessions in english. we had a special tv set up in another room. i agree with President Monson when i say this was the absolute best conference ive ever heard. maybe because this was the first time i sat there in a chair and took notes to literally every single talk. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. its amazing to see how they are all inspired to speak on somewhat related topics that all tie in together. this time it was families, women, and enduring to the end. exaxctly what we need in the world!
Our baptism this wek didnt work out. but we´re going to baptize her next saturday... with her two kids now. and two other sisters. the work is starting pick up here in Zapallal!
today we went to the offices so elder fallas could get his eyes checked. afterwards we went to macdonalds and i got a swirled cone and it was soooooo good. ´MURICA!
oh and last week i got to see elder Mcallister again when we got our money.
So this past week i read a few things that really impacted me. first (which is homework for all of you) is Joshua 1.
second, is a talk Elder Herron sent me, "the Fourth Missionary". mind. blown. i learned of the importance of giving our will to God. of literally saying "i surrender. i give up. all of it. my heart, my will. its yours. your way is infinitely better than mine." ive offered a few similar prayers this past week as i am now seeking to more fully surender my will completely to His. its a humbling thing to just say such a prayer, and to actually mean it. Its so easy to be the "third missionary". to do everything we´re asked, but just that. we only work with our might and strength. its only when we also put in our hearts and minds that great things can happen. i encourage you all to become "fourth missionaries". offer your will to him. he can do alot more with it.

These two friends are so lucky to see each other as much as they do!

Even a McDonald's Swirl Ice Cream can make a missionary happy

Zone Conference

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