Monday, August 26, 2013

Mmmmm Hey

heyyyyyyy so its been another good week! last week on p day we went to the beach again. we have a sister companionship now and its kinda weird but its still fun!
as for teaching, its been really slow. we only were able to teach a few lessons this week and its been rough. things will get better!
on saturday we had a multi mission meeting with lima north mission. i also saw a ton of friends from our mission, elder schagel (my mtc companion) finally made it down here and so i got to see him, as well as elder Mcallister. we got to hear from elder Tad R Callister and elder C Scott Grow. hahahaa that name gets me every time. it was awesome though, they talked to us about missionary work and the importance of the help of the members.Elder Callister also taught about the restoration and the apostacy (is that how its spelled in english? dont know if its an s or a c) so everyone: HELP THE MISSIONARIES. our time is better spent teaching, not looking for people to teach. the mission president from the North mission said something awesome. "not everyone is looking for the true church, but everyone is looking for happiness." wow. well look what we have here. the gospel. Christ. the Book of Mormon. all of these things bring happiness. joy that actually lasts. Sister Callister taught alot about that too: how important it is to show how happy we are. smiling does alot what you´re sharing the gospel. cool stuff!
So earlier this week i read an article by president Eyring in the Liahona about graitude. it was the first presidency message but i dont know if they have different ones in the ensign. anyways it was about gratitude and it was awesome. he mentions how joseph smith taught that one of the greatest sins we make, and generally arent aware of it, is gratitude. and, that in our prayers, we should devote most of the time to express our gratitude to Heavenly father for all we have. the spirit can help us remember and recognize our blessings and then its our responsibility to show gratitude for those things. 
Weell all i can say is that i know that god lives and he loves us. it bums me out when people dont fully grasp that and cant/choose not to understand why we have this gospel. Christ loves us and his atonement is EVERYTHING. we literally are nothing without it. when the scriptures say without charity we are nothing, yes it means we need to have charity for others, but it also means that without the atonement, the ultimate and greatest act of charity, we literally dont stand a chance. pray to heavenly father, he hears your prayers (D&C 98:1-3) and he WILL answer them.
Big Bear-out,
Elder Brown

                                           The boys of room 203 in from the MTC, back together!


                        This is where we taught Jorge. Right there in front of his house on those chairs. Awesome stuff!

                                          Me at the beach on top of a huge sand hill  

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