Monday, February 16, 2015

happy president`s day. meh.

 i know you were probably freaking out this morning when i didnt write you. president changed internet time for 3:30. so by the time i get all my zone stuff done its just enough time for us to chat momma right when you get off work!
last week on monday i walked into papa johns only to find elders norton, cody, and arnett eatin pizza together. three of the mesa boys headin home. we went back to the offices and elder cody and arnetts parents arrived to pick them up. super weird to see them here. i sent home my nativity seen with sister arnett so be waitin on that. im not sure if it had a jesus in it so if not, give some playdough to hayden and tell her to get to work.
so this week was a good one! tuesday was changes! aaaand yeah im still here in Izaguirre. my area in the Palmeras stake. momma to find it on the internet just look up the intersection of Canta Callao and Carlos Izaguirre. you`ll find that its the same intersection for three wards ive been in here. literally half of my mission at this intersection. and its part of the "san martin de porres". anyways. elder beckstead, who was in my seminary class my senior year, is now elder mcallisters zone leader up in huaraz. his little brother knows maci. elder lewis, who was one of my buddies back from barranca is now a zone leader in huacho. and my old comp elder rivera is a zone leader in ventanilla with my other buddy elder hackleman.
this week i sat down at the piano at church when we were waiting for coordination meeting to start and i played "oh what do you do in the summer time",the song you would  sing to me eeevery night. dont get trunky mom.
last week we were in a lesson with the venero family and we had an experience that reminded me of one of trips to the apartments back in mesa, as there were cockaroaches EVERYWHERE. fat ones all over the walls. and some of them decided to start flying across the freakin room mid lesson. 
i doubt you`ll remember, but back when i was in puente piedra, there was an elder there named elder arimuya. he was in the 2012 100 yr anniversary for seminary video, when it interviewed students from around the world. anyways, this past week we got a reference for a "free baptism". when we got there we found  a guy named Daniel gonzalez. his wifes name is cecilia arimuya. its elder arimuya`s cousin. shes a less active lady from iquitos and her husband literally asked us when he could be baptized. 
so yes im sweating alot. this week hits the peak of summer. the good news is that it`ll start to go back down next week. slowly. but im loving it. this is the best thing to everrrrr happen to me. thaanks once again for everything! see ya in a few weeks.. four more letters to go.
elder brown

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