Monday, February 23, 2015

Anddd February bites the dust.

its soo hot right now.
so to answer your questions momma bear. im still in the same area, with elder apablaza. same comp. we are teaching a few families right now. they`re being a little difficult. the only reason we stick with them is because half the family is wanting to do their part, the other half of the family doesnt really care to see us. the Gozzer family made it to church yesterday. other than the oldest daughter. "im catholic." yeah well we`re in peru so is everyone else. try mormon for a change. the Venero family dad is still hard. his wife and kids are alll stoked with the church and have friends and everything. but, if the dads not there, we cant do anything with em. we have a baptism this saturday for Daniel Gonzalez, the guy we met a couple weeks back.
spiritual experiences this week.. well i dont remember what i atre for lunch yesterday so, ill get back to you on that one. ha no it was just a good week i general. many prayers answered in many different ways. i can see how everythings kinda coming together. ive had ups and downs and all arounds throughout these two years and haave seen how the lord has "cut me down" so that in time i could grow back how he wants me to. and i am seeing every day a little more how i am growing differently because of how he`s working with me. kinda reminds me of elder christoffersons talk on being willing to receive correction from the lord. look it up. talks about "elder brown".
the other day we were at the gozzer family`s house and we were talking with the dad, raul, about where i lived and he told me alll about how he had gone up to mexico and crossed the border into the states. multiple times. he said "es lo maximo!" its the  best. so i guess when illegals go across the border its just a big game for em. he was joking about boarder patrol and talking about all the people do to make it across. haha really set the mood for the lesson we had that night.
today i made one of my best purchases since living in peru. at the super market i found a can of refried beans. so i bought it. and tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and avocado. i had a boommmbbb lunch. figured id start etting my stomach prepped for filibertos.
so yeah this week was kinda a blurrrr. wicked hot outside. workin hard. tryin to keep my head in the game. doin good. this is going to be my last full week of normal work. next week we have mission council and another zone meeting, the week after that is my groups "despedida" (farewell..?) day with president. we go to a niiiiiiiice restaurant, a water park (not slides. fountains, light shows, stuff like that.), presidents house where he teaches us for houuurs on marriage, etc. then my last week ill have my final interview at some  point and yeah. im hoping that mcallister is down here from huaraz that last week so he can come stay with me. PRAY FOR IT.
welp. heres to another good week.
glad to hear everythings going well back home. have fun in texas! 
oh and happy anniversary! 
elder brown

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