Tuesday, February 10, 2015


today is the beginning of my final six weeks. its so hard to believe. this past week i requested to the assistants that when elder Norton came down here from huaraz for his final interview (hes one of my close friends here from mesa. never knew him before the mish but we are gonna be tiiight after). he came down and got to come work with us. i asked him what his last change was like and he said it was his fastest one. thats what im hearing from everyone. wish me luck!
so this week was another blur. i got to work with norton that day. that was a huge blessing. other that i cant remember too much what went down. haha.
monday we played volleyball for pday. i lost. im not a land creature. too bad we cant go swim for pday; then i wouldnt feel so awkward when i spaz out when balls get thrown at me crazy fast. i need to play some more sand volleyball with the mancave.
BAH. welp. we just got the changes. looks like im finishing my mish in the promised land of Palmeras. sweeeaty. and mcallister is going to finish in the cold rain. but i mean this change flew. time seriously is melting right now.
we are working against the heat to be able to find new people and teach. my health has been doing awesome. i was praying and still do pray that i can have the health i need to work at least one change with normal health. looks like the lord has heard my prayers. this is the longest ive gone with a solid back, no hip, stomach, or lung pain. DOIN GOOD!
so the venero family and the gozzer family werent able to make it yesterday. the gozzer family is getting baptized for sure, we just gotta give em a few more weeks. the vener family? we`ll see how they go. the mom and the two youngest kids are stoked. (they have the six kids. the youngest five live there.. son, daughter, daughter, son, daughter... sound familiar?) BUT the dad thinks working 28 hours a day is a good idea so its almost impossible to teach them. we arent allowed to teach people if the dad isnt home. so we are working patiently there.
this week we have changes tomorrow, mission council wednesday, then a multizone meeting on thursday. gonna be another busy first week. wish me luck,
thanks everyone for the love and support. i can feel the blessing from the many prayers on my behalf and i thank you for that. its working!
love you
elder brown

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