Sunday, March 15, 2015


march is a good month. pie day. st patricks day. kendall comes home. yep thats it.
so it was another good week. we had a baptism on saturday. Daniel Gonzalez is one of them mormons now. i got to baptize him. and i think it was my last time in the faunt here in peru. but it was a good experience. i love hearing people talk afterwards aboutt he cleansing power of the spirit as the enter and leave the water. they all describe a warm feeling rush over them (as they get immersed in cooold water) and come out feeling like a new person. 
so yeah tomorrow we have mission council. then wenesday district meeting. then zone meeting on friday. gonna be a fun week.
oh and last friday was my last time dealing with zone mission money. DONE. 
we went to one of the areas here in palmeras last week to sign a room contract with the owners. we were sitting in their living room chatting (yes, im a fuly trained businessman now) and i looked over and saw a picture frame with names engraved on it with a picture of a family with a couple dogs. one of the names was "zoe". i asked who zoe was. she told me it was her dog. Zoey lives on in Peru!!!!!
yes momma dearest. mixed emotions about finishing my mission. im still tryin to work as hard as my mind lets me. haha its slowllyy going home wthout me. this week was actually better. the week before was crazy hard to focus. but yep im still going strong. as fonzi told me, its the last ten meters of the swim race! 
sooo the gozzer family couldnt make it to church but the asistants caled me last night saying they ran into them at the city buiding by the offices, telling me how awesome the family was. oh and i dont know if i told you. elder feller, my zone leader from back in el olivar, is the new asistant with elder larsen. he finishes with m in a couple weeks.
speaking of which, my comp reminded me this week so i thought id ask ya. do you know if they already have my topic for my talk? do they still do that? here its weird. they come back, they have them go give their testimony, and everyone acts as if the  missionary had been there the whole time. meh. welp. love you all. stay healthy and safe. and for my flight info, the church doesnt buy it till like this week or the next. but every gringo goes home tuesday at like two in the morning so ill be there tuesday the 24 at like noon to afternoon ish.
elder brown
 oh and here´s my desk-top furby and my burritos from last week. get at me.

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