Monday, October 27, 2014

Two Hundred 8 lb 7 oz.

so yup! im officially a dad again! 
haha im back down in lima in the Trebol zone. its the stake right next to El Olivar where i was before. andddddd im training. my new son is Elder Welburn from Riverton utah. yes, i am training a  white guy. he is awesome. haha he bought us a famiy sized pizza hutt pizza our second night here.
we are opening up a new area. its ROUGH. we spent the first week literally just walking around the area to mark the blocks on our map. and an additional few hours making a list of the members in our area from the directory, based on where they live in the area. 
but as we have walked around, its definitely felt special. the spirit is working strong here and we can feel that there are a ton of new people prepared for us. 

our room... well the following names have been applied to the room this week and more may be applied until a new room is found: Harry Potter´s Closet, the Hell Hole, and the Jail cell. its kinda something we just gotta laugh at to survive haha its realll small. and we ar eboth big. the sink is in the shower. hahaha i´ll send you pictures. but its all good. part of the experience. i just feel bad for elder welburn that he has to go through all of this his first week in the field. but the lord is breaking us down so he can build us up. i loooove the talk about Hugh b Brown, i beluieve it was given by elder christofferson, about "Why did you cut me down??" "i am the gardener here. i know what i want you to do". the lord needs to break us downso that he can build us up. the this past week´s experience mixed with president Uchtdorf´s talk have helped me in huge ways.
so i got to see conference this weekend! in spanish. but it was still tight. the talks they actually gave in spanish were solid. but yeah translations just dont do it. i was kinda freaking out thinking about how next conference ill be there to watch it with the fam. CONFERENCE CREPES. MOMMA I NEED YOU TO SEND ME THE CONFERENCE ENSIGN WHEN IT COMES OUT PLEEEEEASE.
My last night up in barranca we had a giant FHE in the chapel with the converts that could make it. ill send you a picture, it was solid. 
this week i got to see elder Cody, Arnett, and McAllister. and elder Kitchens and hackleman. good to see them. corbin is up in huaraz now. his area is the furtherst north of the whole mission. 
SO YEAH. thats about it for this week, hopefully things get picked up and rollin this week. its going to be a good one!
love you all, thanks for everything!
elder brown.

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