Monday, October 6, 2014


Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que tal. 
so yeah this past weekend we had elections. no church. no conference. no happiness. haha no it wasnt that bad. just hard because a ton of people had to leave t their home towns to vote so there werent too many people around. but we did what we could.
huge news. i learned yesterday that barranca is a real word. no just a weird name. it means ravine, gorge, gully. 
AH. mom. this is nuts. i met elder gavarett when he came to the mtc. that night we were the ushers so we sat on the front row and i got to meet him afterwards. i told him how my dad and grandpa had both served in uruguay. i believe i mentioned it was elder herron but i dont know if he remembered. an "elder brown" had baptized his wife but it wasnt dad. but still. thats awesome. grandpa walked into a little shop, played the guitar, started teaching a family. then fifty years later his grandson met the grown up, general authority version of that little kid. coincidence? NOPE. 
ah and for your talk, to help you out, go look up the talk "follow the brethren" by boyd k packer. that will help out a ton. i dont think it was a conference talk but it should be there. ( )
there it is.
so i have some huge news. tomorrow i officially become an elder. kendall where have you been the last 18 months? well thats the point. the sisters from my group are goin home today. so i begin the part of the mission that no sister ever experiences. WHERE DID THE TIME GO. oh and speaking of which, im sending a hammock home with haley brown so make sure you get a hold of that for me! its a precious precious item.
yesterday after lunch we headed to the chapel with my breathing machine. (no mother dearest im not sick, don worry!) they have special outlets there and i wanted to see if i really burned it out in my last area. so as we were leaving, i was thinking about how crappy the day was and wasnt looking forward to going out and looking for more people just to get rejected. we walked up to the gate and just as i was about to set do the lock, we saw a family walking by right outside the entrance. i swung the door opened and said Hey hows it going! have you ever seen the church building before? no. well would you like to  check it out? sure why not. so we took the family inside, showed them around, got to know them. had a moment of silence in the chapel so they could feel the spirit a little. then set a time for us to go visit them. sometimes i forget how much god really is out here WITH us., he didnt just send us out the door saying, welp good luck! 
so last night we were headed home and were in the middle of contacting one last family when our buddy john walked by. he`s the son of amalia and the brother of katia. he was the one of the family who was super stoked to get baptized and then when the time came it didnt work out. so we chased him down, set u an appointment for early this morning and we had a solid lesson. earlier in the week we were planning on visiting him and just powerhousing him with scriptures to get him to be baptized. but, the other day we were walking and i had another one of those stop walking and listen impressions. i learned that we had to go about teaching him differently. if we had done things that way, it would have probably ended it or just made it even more difficult. but i realized we had to, patiently, get him back to reading and praying, and then he himself would have the desires to get baptized. after staring blankly at the ground for a few seconds as i thought alll this through, i talked to my comp and he agreed on the new plan. so today we went into the lesson with that mentality. and, once again, the spirit stepped in and had a few more changes to make. we still focused on reading and praying, but we also felt to share 3 ne 11 where it says those who believe in me and are baptized will be saved and those who dont believe in me and arent baptized will be damned. so i used that and gently explained the WHY of baptism and related it to his repentance and preparation. then a the end the spirit said set a date. huh? alright. so we set a baptismal date for the end of the month and he accepted. im learning to recognize, listen to,and follow the spirit. its lead us to alot of good things this week. 
love you all, thanks for everything! ill let ya know if i get transferred.
elder brown

so here are the district pictures we took last week. one is our classy champion pic. the other is made to look like soccer team pictures all the pro teams do. not kidding they look exactly like this. and the final is our cheerleader pic. this is district barranca.

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