Monday, October 27, 2014

It's hot

Its hot.
Summer decided to punch us in the face this week. out of nowhere. the mornings and nights are nice. but the middle of the day is nappy. it like vapors heat up from the street and the sun comes down nice and hard. so thats fun. we try to set up appointments before lunch so we can be indoors in the early afternoon for our extra training studies. 
WE GOT A WATER HEATER THIS WEEK!. no more angry ice showers. huge blessing.
and in bigger news.
WE FOUND REAL MILK. like from  a cow. soooo good, reminds me of america. haha cereal with actual milk is a whole other experience. you guys have noooooo idea how blessed you are to have glalon cartons in tyour fridge on a daily basis. 
so no i havent got my package yet. did you send it down with sister baldwin or did you send it through the mail. if it was through the mail.. welllll Serpost is on strike right now haha the mission has a tonnnnnnn of packages being held back because they decided to go on strike because it was a really conveinent thing to do for everyone. but i mean it will pass. i hope. if not, eh. i get emails. and i can eat receese fastbreaks in march (oh... wait... hahaha #eatenbymaci). so yeah hopefully that will turn out soon.
yesterday i gave a talk in chruch about the book of mormon. welcome to the ward elder brown. please give a ten minute talk. it went well though, speakin on the same day with my momma eh? dope.
my eye brow has been twiching for like a week. is that bad?
so yeah this opening-an-area thing is kinda rough. we are doing our best t just meet the members, talk to people, and stay verrrrryyy patient. the grreatest lesson of my mission. patience. which helps me see how very impatient i was before the mission. its funny to look at the biggest challenges i face, seee what i had to learn then realize god was thinking "well kendall you need to work on this, this, and this. so im going to send you to lima to learn this, that, and the other." i am sooo grateful for this experienc though. dont know what i would have done without it. my time is ticckkking away. fast.. i literally can count down the weeks now and its kinda nuts. but im trying not to. 
right now i am trying to learn more from the book of mormon. no matter how many times i read it or study from it. theres always more. solid book. its true. the church is true. my companion has said multiple times, if the gospel wasnt true, the missionaries would have messed it up a longgg time ago. its true. we are twenty year old kids trying to help people get where they need to be to become gods. this is definitely HIS work. 
this week we have a training meeting for new missionaries and trainers. and my comp will have immigrations. busy stuff. 
thanks for the love and prayers. we need em. haha just know that the lord is taking care of us and everythings good,.
next week ill have a more exciting email. we are just trying to get things rolling here. poco a poco.
elder brown

Kendall is trianing this new missionary!

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