Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stuart Little. May you rest in peace.

yes. stuart little bit the dust this past week. last pday i bought venom. he liked bread a lott so i covered some in the venom and stuck it in the bathroom. well a few days went by and we havent heard to much from the little guy. today we did some gnarley cleaning. in the process. WE FOUND HIM. bugs were eatin it. nappy. so we pushed it under the side door onto the balcony in our building. then i sprayed cleaning alcohol all over the ground. then we went outside with a broom an d two plastic bags and said our goodbyes. 
last week fishing was awessoooooome. our branch president is a fisherman. he, his wife, and daughter, took us out to the beach. he went out into the water with a net and after a few rounds came back and fiilled his basket up with sand crabs. reminded me of the good old days in Newport. a few weeks back elder paredes had hooked me up with a peruvian fishing line. a square piece of wood with a handle and a string with hooks and weights. so Presidente Jara showed us how it was done. we hooked on the sand crabs for bait. did some lasso action. and tossed it out to the waves when they go out, then running back in before the water gets ya. ill attach some pics. we didnt catch anything. well i mean my comp caught a plastic bag but other than that we didnt have any luck. haha funny you mention that though, i was telling elder wheatley of our Powell fishing experiences. pokemon fruit snacks and grilled chicken. classic.
waiiiiitt waittt wait, i know tha name, hunter bowers... how do i know him? send me a picture. glad to know i got fellow ukers keepin the strumming alive.
so the other day we had a branch mission activity. we pent hours preparing and putting things together. we had a huge training meeting planned out to help "hasten the work". andddddddddddddd like thirty people showed up. so we dropped the training and decided to save it for when more than thirty active members show up. so to start, the sisters carried on with their plan about "adopting a family". they made a huge tree. every person was given a leaf. on the front, their name (or of their family). on the back the name of the individual (or family) they were going to adopt, who were less active people that the ward would work to bring back. then they stuck their leaves on the tree. if the members brought their adopted person or people to church twice, they put a green apple on the tree, again with their name on it. and they receive a prize. then, if they bring them three times, a red apple, also with a prize. the point was to have people literally see "the fruits of their labors" in helping strengthen their branch. we finished out the night with scripture trivia and throwing candy at everyone.
earlier in the week we met with the saenz family. after talking about it and b¡praying beforehand, we decided to go on and invite the mom and kids to be baptized. we have been working foreverrrr with the dad but hes not ready. and if we wait any longer we´d risk losing the mom and daughters. so. this week. IN DA WATERRRR. Ines, Arlet, and Gabriela. they´re stoked to get baptized. the two little girls are swimmers.. hence my best friends. its gonna be good.
last night we went out with a counselor from the branch presidency. dude reminds me of john fillerup. he is hillariousss. whoever we talked to he threw in at least one fist bump saying "chocalo!!!" (pound it). we are working to get this guy in as our mission leader. he knows eeveryone and he knows what hes doing. elder waddell taught that the three most powerful men in the ward or branch are the bishop or branch president, the secretary, and the mission leader. the latter two in our branch dont exactly make it to church too often. soo we are working to get some changes made.
thank sooooooooooooooo much mom and mark for the messages you both shared in your emails. im learning to work with that eeryyyyyyyyyy day. even when the wind beats me to my knees, i have that small bit of hope that everything is going to come out solid. even in my darkest moments, i am sooo grateful to be out here. i wouldnt wish a day away. in a song i listened to last night it said "the most sincere prayer ive ever prayed, i thanked god for each and every day, and the blessing of the man i´ve come to be." this experience is amazing. the good and the bad. im learning so much every day, especially of how many faults and weaknesses i have and how desperately dependent on the lord i am. but, like you mentioned in your email, and like president monson (i believe it was him...?) strong wind makes strong trees. the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees. and, a quote i just heard from my zone leader, "theres no room for growth in the comfort zone, and theres no room for comfort in the growth zone". well theres my list of botched quotes for the day. love you all, thanks for the love and prayers and support. i need it everyyy day. que el seƱor les bendiga.
elder brown

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