Tuesday, June 17, 2014

well first off im extreeeeeemely jealous about the lake trip. even though im not exactly an expert, wakeboarding and chillin on the boat is my favorite thing to do. ever. haha my zone leader is a hard core wakeboarder and he freaked out when he saw the water and board on my screen. he dies in like four weeks so he´ll be out on the wake in no time. 
this week was a blur. ups, downs and all arounds and without even realizing it, im already  back here in this internet place. the time is flyyyyyyyyyyying.the weeks are melting. after this week we´ll already be halfway intot he transfer. freakin me out. 
so last week we had a zone meeting. we focused alot on being misioneros buscadores. in other words, missionaries that are constantly looking for new people to teach. the hermanas gave the training on it, saying there were NO LIMITS for contacting someone. in a car, in a house, whatever situation. well my dear loved ones, i found a limit. later that day we went to a house where we had an appointment and were knocking the door and waiting outside. we looked back and saw a grown man squatted down in an open dirt lot pooping in clear daylight. he stood up, fastened his belt. and walked away like nothing happened. eh, no big deal, right next to an open park where kids were playing with their dogs. its normal.yup
but aside from that, we did some work this week. we found a ton of new people. sadly, only one investigator made it to church. the niece of a counselor in the branch presidency. we set a date for the 5 of july. we´ll see how well we hold onto that, and if we can recover the rest of the people that didnt make it to church.
last night we went over to the branch presidents house. they had done a temple trip to lima the other day and my companion wanted to go thank them for delivering a package to his parents (the joys of living a few hours away from where you serve). we went over and sister Jara, his wife, offered a little bit of food. no no im fine im going to eat dinner right now. here, just to try. ok.- so she puts a fatty bowl filled with everything fouind at Sea world. clams, muscles, shrimp, fish, snail things. and a side plate of rice. oof. before the mission i strugggled to eat fish. that fish, bones and all, was probably my favorite part haha. i chewed through what i could. the sisters showed up. hermana leyva disapproves of sea food more than i do. before they know it they had a plate in front of them as well. as we were all working our way through the bowl of stuff, the branch president busts through the door walking a sheep on a rope. hermana jones almost fainted as it passed by her. hahaha he told us it was a girl and its name was alejandra. alejandra the sheep, welcome to our dinner. would you like to join? goodness. i love my life haha
so yeah the work is still movin along. slowly but surely. this work requires patience. looooooooooooots of patience. appointments fall, people dont do what they say theyre gonna do and sometimnes you just gotta take a deep breath, be grateful you arent in eastern europe, laugh, and keep on walking. welp, thats about it for this week! hope everyones doin good and bearing the heat. the weathers slowlyy getting cooler here.  haha i saw the pictures of the lake and thought "oh it must have been cold out there". for some reason i thought we were in march. then i realized its june. woops. where did the time go haha. 
oh, yesterday we spoke again in church. i talked about the baptismal covenant, the importance of the sacrament, and the ridiculousness of showing up late to the most important meeting of the church. it took being a missionary for me to realize how important it is to be earrllyyyy to meetings. rushing in the back door right before they say the prayer, sitting down and expecting a good experience of renewing your covenants doesnt work. texting or being on your phone during the meeting. doesnt work. "if ye love me, keep my commandments." we love god, and because of that we keep his commandments, and honor and respect and show gratitude for the opportunity we have each week of promising once again that we are going to follow him by keeping his commandments. THEN come the blessings. 
laterrrrrrrr love you
elder brown

heres a picture of my ranks as chess champ of Limoncillo. and a selfy with my pensionista in the background. and my collection of Oreo transformers stickers.

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