Monday, May 26, 2014

Woooaoaaahahhhhhhhhhh May 26th

its been a solid week here in barranca!
so last week for pday we went to a restaurant in the zone leaders area and ate tacos! they were actually pretty good. nothing compared to filibertos but eh, i work with what i got. we also made the cake and cookies and they weer danngggggg good. that frosting was bomb. we gave the rest to the lady from the branch who worked there. she was eyein it the whole time.
on wednesday we had a surprise visit from president archibald and sister archibald for a zone conference. they trained us on how to run our branch councils and it helped a tonnn. every time i hear him speak i get sooo fired up. its awesome. 
this past week we met a few new families and are still working with less actives. sadly the new people we taught didnt seem extremely interested or just didnt understand altogether. satan is going hardddd. we cant get through the restoration without dogs, cats, babies, customers, cars, motos, or any combination thereof making distractions in the lesson. but i guess this is where the sifting comes in for those who are really prepared and can really feel and follow the promptings of the spirit. 
yesterday in church was amazinggggggg.
we had a lady and her two daughters come to church. sadly the dad continues to be a difficult human and doesnt want to do anything. we´ll probably be baptizing them this or next week. andddd there was a guy who came to church who was baptized years ago. after the meetings they were looking for his records. turns out they dont exist. apparently there was a mix up when he got baptized and he was never able to be confirmed. he´ll probably be baptized next week. 
the mouse in our room made a bed in my comps droor. this things gotta go.
on saturdays we are having sports activities in the church because we have a huge court outside. we had a ton of people come, it was awesome. i took charge of naming the teams as you´ll see in the picture. Mordor, Gondor, Hogwarts, and Durmstrang. Lord of the Rings and Harry potter continue in my heart. word. haha oh. we had a surprise guest at the sports night someone brought a sheep. not sure how or why but we got some pics.
the other day, after a rough elsson, we showed up to the chapel to drop off the keys. we were in a hurry so we took a moto. we got out, handed the keys to the first counselor, and turned around and saw a family. we went over and contacted them. turns out they live like three houses from the chapel. they came to the sports nightt he next day and came to church yesterday and they fit right in. the only problem is they arent married... but we´ll work with that.
today we´re gonna fish on the beach with our branch president. gonna be solid.
i love my mission. i am learning to love the scriptures and love the lord. theres sooooooooooooo much i still need to learn out here and in my life. when i finish the day i think about how grateful i am for every moment and how much of a bummer it wouldve been if i hadnt been here that day. thanks for the pictures, love, and prayers. CHAUFA!
elder brown                                  
                                                  Happy 20th Birthday to my Bears!!!

                   Some of his favorites that he cant get down in Peru. Cookie Mix and Pancake Mix

                                  This is the house that the mouse made in Kendall's Comp.'s drawer..

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