Monday, June 30, 2014


Happy fourth of julyyyy yeeaaaahhhhh! to celebrate im gettin nuts up in here with some rice! and chicken! and potatoes! yeah! for real though. imma buy some hot dogs or something similar to it and pretend that as im eating it im in the backyard by the pool. probably not. i dont know.
so this week has been greeeat. i got to walk alottt and talk to alot of people and knock lots of doors! haha my companion took the liberty of asking for patience and humility before leaving the house the other day. well. ask and ye shall receive. its been good though. no worries. all part of the experience. 
last week on p day we went up to pativilca to play .. drumroll please..... soccer! it was cool, we were on a real grass field. dont think ive played on one since the mtc. except now im with a bunch of peruvians who kick really hard and the entire time i was reminded of why i swam in high school. flying balls and feet coordination arent my thing. 
this past week the tenorio family, who weve been working with foreverrrr finally got their papers sent in from their home towns so they can get married and then their family can get baptized. POR FIN! we´ve been passing by alot to keep things rolling along and all they need now is a few more papers and we´re good to go! butttt other than them we kinda dont have anything haha. sooo stay updated this week we´re gonna find some more families. 
the other day i had an english class at the church. one guy showed up. i think he was a little bummed out. he asked me how to say the following phrases.. "dont mock me." "dont bother me" "whats your problem". I tried to teach him, and the other few kids that showed up, "i am a child of god" in english. he told me he already knew it and that im a bad teacher. haha well im sorry michael. my teaching skills for english go as far as basic words and Eminem raps. 
the other night we got home to find a Peruvian Dance festival outside our building. i went to bed with my door shaking with the fresh beats thrown down by traditional mountain peruvian dances. 
yesterday we were walking around going to appointments. my comp tripped on a rock as he was walking. i turned around, stomped the rock, picked up another rock and threw it at the first one. nobody trips my companion. i turned around to catch up to my companion just as some lady walks by and asked what are you doing fighting a rock?? i kinda just laughed and walked away, got caught up in the moment haha.
last week we had a nice night of marriage counseling. i think i might go into that for my career. im dang good. anyways. we read some sections of the Family Proclamation an i was like woah. this is quality stuff. so FHE homework for everyone is to read the proclamation as a family and see which of the nine aspects of family and home life are missing or lacking or need improvement. or not. its fine. 
so last night elder castillo was listening to a talk from conference a few years back, and the speaker quoted 2 corinthians 12:8-10. read that. then read 2 chronicles 32:8. MORE HOMEWORK. 
welp. sorry my email is kinda boring again this week. nothin too exciting is happening yet. but soon! very soon! just know that im alive. im well. im learning a TON. and i am so grateful for every minute of this experience. peace. love. word.
elder brown.

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