Monday, June 30, 2014


No. i am not training again.
But i do have the same lifespan as it takes for one to have a baby. mother. you gonna have a baby boy kendall in 9 months.... and jessalyn. eh hem.
ITS BEEN A normal week. workin hard and trudgin long to find and teach new people.right now we are teaching a lot of people. each week we get a whole new batch and sadly only like one or two stay with us till the next week. everyone is crazy open and loving but sadly that means that they have a hard time buckling down and doing something. like taking two minutes to read and ask god if its true. last week we prayed in the lesson to know if the book of mormon was true and the spirit was crazy strong. then we asked him afterwards how he felt and he was just like eh, im not really sure how my answer is supposed to come. well how do you feel? eh, normal. AH. dude come on haha. its rough. in my studies im trying to get down the basics. memorize references and get more familiar with the basic doctrine that we so often teach but arent too familiar with where or how it is really said in the scriptures. during church yesterday i did a pretty deep study in alma 13. go check out that chapter. its nuts. it goes into the priesthood, ordinances, ordinations, and the order of the priesthood. pre existent preparations and setting aparts. swing that over to d and c 107. good stuff. 
breaking news in the peru lima west mission. MY TRAINER IS GETTING SWITCHED TO ECUADOR. something is messed up with the papers of some of the central americans so ten missionaries are getting moved to missions in colombia and ecuador to finish out their missions. bummer. elder fallas spent nine months in his first area. another eight in the offices. and now he´s bouncin to ecuador. the cool thing is hes going to the mission where one of my swim buddies Robrt Upchurch is going. 
so this week ive experienced some spiritual and mental breakthroughs. not breakdowns dont worry. i just mean to say that i am now able to understand things i was struggling with before and know why i was struggling with them. but lie ive said before, im grateful for everyday out here. my tim is going fast. even though i feel like ive been at 14 months for n eternity. another month is almost up and before i know it there wont be any left. im trying to make the most of what i got left and keep the fire burning while i can. 
on a side note they´ve played the same miley cyrus song like five times in this place and im slightly over it. 
so yeah things are stil about the same. stil a district leader. still in barranca. still trying to figure out how ive survived this long eating so much rice. and still lovin it. the good, the bad, and the ugly. thanks for all the updates, the prayers, and the support. sorry there arent pictures this week. last week we went and flew a giant kite on the beach but i was busy sprinting up and down the sand to keep it in the air. im not on that level to take running kite selfies. 
elder brown

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