Monday, March 3, 2014

Ya se fue mi hijo..

Sooo Elder laiche was dropped of at the offices yesterday and flew off this morning to start his service in Mexico. i am going to be working with a kid in the ward named Lehi that is getting ready for his mission. his calling is to the Mexico City Southeast mission. Lehi will be with me till next week when we have changes. looks like imma be in my area for another transfer! 
what is with everyonehavin babies??? goodness. i didnt even know kyndall was pregnant till i saw the family picture from christmas or thanksgiving, and i though brian´s baby wasnt coming till like later this year. i haave noooooo sense of time anymore.
so sounds like the dedication for the gilbert temple was sweet. bummer i couldnt be there with my uke eh?? haha im glad we got some rain up there though. ahhh. rain. 2015. its starting to get a little cloudy in the fternoons. in a few months im going to miss the heat, because when the sun goes away, it wont come back for about four months. and it just mists all day. haha yeahhhhh humidity.
no momma dont worry, im not getting eaten alive. i mean i get a few bites every once in a while but its not like elder mcallister. he says he´s getting feasted upon. my health is doin good no worries! this is like the longest ive gone the whole mish without being injured or sick. we doin good.
so on saturday night we had another baptism. a kid named maycon. hes turing 18 this month and he lives with his sister an brother in law. this kid is awesome! he had a date for the 15 but we decided that there wasnt any point in waiting two more weeks. we taught him the commandments and got him interviewed on friday and he was in the water on saturday. him, noelina, elver, and luis all got confirmed yesterday. things are going well here! weéw are lining up baptisms for almost every week of this month and hooooooooopefully they all make it to the water. wea are teaching this girl Jarumi and her baptism is this saturday. we kinda have a feeling that shes not too into it but we´ll see how it goes. shes here visiting her dad and her mom back at home is less active. we´re hoping that this will help the mom get back into the church too.
so big news in 200 Millas. we changed pensionistas this past week. the other one just wasnt... mm she´s a great lady. haha but yeah this new one is awesome. 
oh yeah, along with everything else yesterday, remember Pedro Saavedra who we helped get back into the church and baptized his girlfriend? bueno, yesterday he got the melkizedek priesthood!and now his less active brother is slowly showng more interest again in the church. its awesoooooooooome. 
so yeah everythings going well. we´ve got some awesome families we are working with here and we´re hoping to see quite a few more baptisms this month. its cool to see how there are those who are realllly prepared and accept the gospel right away. im convinced that there are many people in the preexistance who werent really intot he plan, but just saw their friends wanting to go to earth, or just did wahat the majority was doing. here, they dont accept themessage. others, who were excitive and attentive to accept the plan, and here on earth, when its presented to them, somethng awakens in them and allows them to remember the plan and accept it (again). 
thanks to everyone for lthe love and prayers. i love yu all and am grateful for all of you. to thos who have all had kids recently- congrats! to those who havent in a while (ehhemm dessajyn and jrew) gimme some more nephews. haha nah. love you!
elder brown

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