Monday, March 24, 2014

1 yr left. Dont cry Mom.

Que onda cuates?? ... thats for uncle Doug.
what a week. so imma lay this down chronologically.
-last monday, we got back to my room after playing games with the zone. elder schagel and i ate cereal and watched the district while our comps took a nap. Hermano Rojas comes out of nowhere, throws the door open, yells ¨RATAAA¨ and threw a freaking cat into the our bedroom and closes the door. we got on our cat hunting game. elder schagel tried to catch it with a broom and it hissed at him. my comp gets up, reaches under the dresser, grabs the cat, and takes it out the window. #ecuador. cats have great landing capabilities.
-On tuesday night, we had correlation in the Laboratory. the Laboratory? yes. that is the name of my mission leader´s room. we had a strobe light, black light, and twirling disco light as we talked about upcoming mission activities in the ward and set goals for the ward. his sisters brought us rice chicken potatoes and soda. just throwin out idea for how to run meetings Mark. except our leader is a single 27 yr old rm who devotes too much time to playstation. we love Efrain.
-i did interview for one of the other areas in my district. one of the little girls they baptized has some pets. the names of her cat and two birds are Pedro Jorge Chumbe Estrada, Raquel Chumbe Estrada, and, Moises Chumbe Estrada, respectively. the other girl ui baptized, well we had a fun interview. elder morales told me to give her a hard time. so. after starting  out, i asked her the date Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith, she actually got the year and month correct haha. time to kick it up a notch. ¨what are the names of the 8 witnesses?¨she gave me a nervous look. i told her to go out and ask elder morales. she went out and said ¨hey, you never told me about the witnesses!!¨¨ he played along and said ¨sorry, we forgot!¨she came back in with the cook of mormon and sneakily peaked into the front of the book as she listed the names. hahaha it was awesome. we told her it was a joke afterwards, no worries. 
-so i tried something new this week.. squid. the first day i had it, it was good. it was called Pota. which is a big squid. then yesterday after church i walked into the pension and looked at my soup to find a baby octopus-looking thing floating in there. and there were alottt more in there. oof. it was nappy. was the lady was in the kitchen, every time we looked away, we tossed a baby squid into the other´s bowl. the grandson was there too and was struggggling to get out of eating it. squid- not too great. i was craving just a pb and j sandwich sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. 
-about a month ago, elder laiche and i were teaching the brother of one of the members in our ward. they moved to another ward in our stake. i got a call from the elders the other day telling me that Jon Francis wanted me to baptize him. it was awesome! well his first choice was elder laiche.. but     he´s in Mexico... so i was the alternative choice.
so right now we have some solid families! we have been praying as a mission to find more families and its paying off. we have four families with baptisms. yes. si o si a mom and her two kids on the 12th. the rest (familia riscos, parents and an 8 yr old... familia astete, less active mom, with husband and 11 yr old son listening to us, and Rafael and his family. he is an ex jehovah witness who knows its true and is doing everything he can to get married as soon as he can to get baptized) all depends on them getting to church! its not a matter of if, but when,. they all want to but have surprise-work schedules. we are going to see some sweet baptisms the weekend after conference. AH. CONFERENCE. YES. mission superbowl.
we had a cool experience with an investigator last night. he asked us what drove us to look for the truth join this church. he wanted to know what gave us the desire and to find what we had. we shared our testimonies.
elder rivera told how is dad was worse than atheist and didnt want his family to have anything with the church. after having pulled him out of seminary, church, and kicked out the missionaries. the time came where elder rivera was instructed by missionaries to fast. he did so and as he closed his fast, he felt strongly that his dad would say yes. he KNEW it. the next day he talked to his dad, who gave him permission to be baptized. since then his dad has allowed him and his brother to go on missions, and their fourteen year old sister to get baptized. as for me, i told him how my family had been in the church for generations. but, my time came where i began to worry about my own testimony. i searched and searched and realized i had never received a solid answer so i could say I KNOW. but i told him how i remembered talking to my mom about that worry about not ¨knowing¨ and how she helped me realize that the spirit had always been telling me it was true every time i read. it wasnt till i got on my mission that i received a strong recognizable answer, but i know these things are true. when i was praying last night, i thanked God for my testimony, its MINE,.and i will have it forever. it took years of searching and really wanting it, but ive received the same witness multiple times. the same witness i received just after sharing my testimony with alexander, which testified to me that the things i had spoken are true. this gospel IS true. joseph smith WAS a prophet. the book of mormon IS true. 
love you all, thanks for everything!
elder brown

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