Monday, March 31, 2014

Email from Kendall. eh

Amada familia mia. wuddup.
-hmmmm i cant really remember what happened last week. lets see. On tuesday night, the ward showed 17 Miracles in the chapel. it was in english with Spanish subtitles so i enjoyed it. it was cool, i noticed for the first time that the beef jerkey angel is shown multiple times standing among the pioneers watching how things are going. yup.
-oh! yeah. so on tuesday i had one of the coolest lessons of my life. that morning, i based my district training off of the letter president sent out about the importance of the book of mormon. we practiced answering doubts and questions with the book of mormon. so in the afternoon we had a lesson with one of our less active guys. he had some of his buddies over, whom he wanted us to share the gospel with. one of them had some questions. Ask away! he laid out the typical anti-church stuff about joseph smith, the book of mormon, the bible being the only word of god, and all that stuff. so after giving him a nice summary of the restoration, he wasnt satisfied. he insisted with the bible. so we gave him the bible. DOUBLE KILL. then he still kept trying to shut down what we said. then we dropped the ultimate bomb. the book of mormon. the spirit was soooooo strong in that lesson. and if i, someone whose had plenty of chances to feel it, felt it strong enough to make my hands sweat and my heart beat, i can only imagine how he felt. at one point his leg cramped up, he was bouncing his legs, rubbing his hands nervously, and the spirit even confounded him, he told us he had more questions but they couldnt come to hid mind or out of his mouth. the next day he was at his friends house again and he sat down with us and actually read from the book of mormon with us. so sick.
- i did a visit on another elder in my ward. his area is nuts. its allll sand. not even nice hard earth. i felt like i was working on the moon. this kids a goob. hes from the jungle and his spanish is nuts haha it was fun. 
.it all came down to an awesome day yesterday. our awesome family Familia riscos all came to church with us. after sacrament the dad was asking me hat days we hold baptismal services.we also have another family with a single mom and two kids that live with the bishops family who are going to be baptized the week after conference. another family, Rafael, our ex-jehovahs witness is getting married this coming week and will be in the water as soon as possible. im so grateful to be here to see families enter into the only path that can take them to the presence of their heavenly father. the mission is awesome. im learning new things from the scriptures, people, and life like never before. its been the shortest longest year of my life and the best rollercoaster ive ever ridden. thanks for the love, prayers,and support. keep praying for the missionaries, we need it!
welp. conference. YES. mom. mail me down some crepes. thanks. SEE YA
elder brownnnn

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ha. sike.

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