Monday, March 17, 2014


so yep i got a new comp and im still here in 200 Millas as dl. his name is elder rivera and he is awesooooooooooooome. he´s got six months in the mish. take josh stewart. paint him brown. k my companion. solidddd.
sooo eh, the weather is still kinda hot. it´ll start going down soon but i definitely still sleep with my fan on full blast. the people here think thats a death sentence. allong with drinking anything cold, or walking around the house barefoot. eh. im still alive.
so we´ve had some interesting moments this past week. the two funniest happened yesterday. first, after church we went to an appointment. we turned the corner and saw an old dude just walkin around. completely naked, talking jibberish to people that didnt exist. we walked very quickly past him and went to the house where we had the appointment. dude starts coming towards us at high speed. OPEN THE DOOR OPEN THE DOOR. he got too close and we had to bail, dodged around a stack of bricks, and went back over to the house and slipped insde. the grandpa informed us his son and daughter in law werent there. so we left. the crazy streaker was lke right outside the door. we bailed. ahhh, peru. later we went and had a nice chat with our friend pedro fiestas. hes a bipolar guy who loves talking to us. he told us he was depressed so we went to a park with him and sat down in the grass. i told him to sing a song. he did. i picked up some sticks and started directing him while my companion sat there and laughed haha.. then pedro had us pray for him and we were on our way.fine day sunday
so right now we have two families we are focusing in on. one is the astete family. the mom is an awesome lady who went inactive because of a dumb comment someone made years ago in the church. we are teaching her son and husband. we are planning to do a big FHE there. the other family is the risco family. mom and dad (that are married. crazy i know.) and their two kids. we contacted them in the park a while ago. we´ve had to struggle with getting in to see them because of their work but they´re a solidddd family. we´ve got  afew other investigators but its literally jsut a waiting game for them to get married. so, we spent a good amount of time contacting this past week. i haaated contacting. thanks to my comp i actually enjoy it now. the first one to see the family in the street gives their comp the challenge. "contact them and use the word spongebob". stuff like that. the other day we saw some people nailing together a wooden fence. we stopped and said hey we are here to help you build your fence. they reacted like anyone else would. ahh no its fine. we insisted and then picked up rocks and started hammering. the lady brought out another hammer. i smashed my thumb. seeing two kids in ties offering physical labor sparks some curiosity. without having to say anything on our part, the lady started asking us about the church. pretty cool!
so yeah right now we´re working to get things rollin once again in our area. 
oh yeah, they changed up the districts so im now elder schagel´s district leader. this is gona be good. kids a goob haa.
thanks for your love, prayers, and support. love you!
elder brown

                                                            Elder Brown and Elder Rivera

Elder Peredes and Elder Brown

                                                       Elder Schagel and Elder Brown

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