Monday, March 3, 2014

Fo mo en da watah.

( This is actually Kendall's email from last week, February 24, 2014. I had forgot to post it. Today's post comes after this this one)

So my keyboard is not a good one. for al the spelling errors, i apologize, i don feel like going back and fixing them all, buena suerte!
this week was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!
a quick week of alottttttt of work. baptismal interviews, lessons, sweating, and doin WORK.
on friday we had a baptism. Jesus Sarmiento (the one whose family has been inactive for a while got baptized. this family is aewsome. wanna knw how we found them? a longgg time ago we had NOTHING. we were walking around and i felkt like we should go to a family that werent even going to be there that day. we went anyways. nothing. we started to walk away, then i felt "go back!". aftrer fighting it for a while, we went back the other way. we knoked another door of a member and they werent there either. right then we look up and saw a dad walking with his kid. Melvin and Jesus. i know ive told this story before but its cool how just being right where we were led to teir son´s baptismand the parents getting back into the church. 
on saturday night and sunday we had stake conference. we had an area seventy Elder Calderon from Ecuador (he literally sounded like Robin Williams speaking spanish. even acted like him too, throwing his arms around and everything haha) come speak. he burrrrned us. it was exaaactly what was needed. he covered everything from punctuality (president packer says thirty minutes early for sacrament and all other meetings) to every aspect of family life. He talked alot about Alma 5. being spiritually born again. so many people get up and say how true they know the church is, that its christs church, but show up late to meetings, think its acceptable to raise their voice with loved ones, etc. i went back and studied some of those verses this morning. after reading, writing some similar questions and posting it over verse 14, i sat and thought about how im doing and then prayed to get where i need to be. ive got a loooooonnngggggg way to go. HOMEWORK FOR EVERYONE. alma 5. its a nice spiritual checklist.
yesterday we had the baptism of Noelina and her two kids Elver and Luis. the oldest son Daniel isnt feelin it. it was awesome. i got to baptize the 12 year old elver. they had alot of support from the ward and the bishopric at their baptism. at the end of their service, they all bore their testimonies. first, 9 yr old luis. he just kind of stood up there and smiled. i got up there to help him. "how did it feel to be baptized?" "good" "do you feel happy" "yeah" "really happy?" "yeah" "ok gracias luis well done!" then he went and sat down. then elver got up, chest pumped out, lookin like a champ. he said something like "when i went back into the water, alot of water went into my ear. but when i came back up, i felt really good" haha SOLID.
right now we´re seeing alot of blessings. we´ve been working hard and finally results are coming in. we have a few more baptisms lined up for march. one of them is Rafael. a kinda chubby balding guy with a mustache. he is completely white and i thought he was from the states when i first saw him. he was a jehovahs witness. he and his... pareja? are getting married soon and he´ll be in the water (we´re hoping) by the 15 of march.
we dont know whats goin on with Elder Laiche yet. apparently the offices have no idea when he´s going to mexico. anyyy day now.
so Jake Sorenson´s done eh?? tell him i say hi if you see him. and chelsea cloward. i saw her in the MTC. everyones finishing up! the mancave will open back up in like 5 months. crazy. and ill be home in 13 months. this is nutttts.
my camera died here at internet so i cant get pics of the baptisms till nexttt week. which seems like a five minute gap for me, but for normal human standard time, sorry for the wait!
well i love you all and im grateful for all the prayers and support and glad everyones doing ok! 

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