Monday, December 30, 2013


What is upppppppppppp!
yes i got the computer with the messed up "h".  bare with me.
soooo on wednesday we got pretty caught up, but ill see what i can get out here.
so on christmas night we had dinner with a family in the ward. me and my companion and the other trio in the ward. we played games before hand and i laughed harder than i have in a looooooooooong time. i was literally on the ground. they gave us turkey. REAL turkey. without bones. soooooooooo good.
thursday we had a meeting with president for the new missionaries that just got here. president got em nice and trained up. i got to see elder kitchens and elder llaguento, my old zone leaders. i also saw elder crouch, the brother of one of jessalyns friends. and sister skousen, whos from dads ward back home. 
later that night we had our final lesson with diana. interviewed her on friday, then had her baptism on saturday. it was awesome! her boyfriend pedro baptized her. that day he was struggling. he had been gone from the church for a while. he got interviewed by the bishop and got cleared to baptize her but he still didnt feel like he deserved it after being gone for so long. sounds like a certain elder i know... i talked to him about how the bishop represents jesus christ. if e says you´re worthy. you´re worthy. i told him to pray about it to see if god really wanted him to baptize diana. welp. he baptized her. before the service. e was changing and i went to the other side of the building to set up chairs. a member came and told me "pedro is calling for you. he doesnt know what to do and hes scared". i ran over there with my companion. we walked him through the prayer and what e had to do. after a few practices he asked if we could pray for him. i offered him a blessing instead. we went out into a classroom with the member from before and i gave im a blessing ten practiced a couple more times. he baptized her perfectly on the first try. before the baptism, pedro and diana were walking together, both dressed in white. i saw it and just started smiling. it was awesome.
te next day, i got to confirm her. it was soooooooooo coool. ive never actually done the blessing before. the spirit i felt after as i was walking to my seat was powerful. i knew god was happy with diana, approved the ordinance, and was pleased with me for performing it. good day.
a few days back, we got back at night. i was walking down the hall to go down stairs real quick. i looked back and saw a fat rat. it ran towards me and i jumped. it hit my shoe and backed into the corner. it ran past me again then jumped down and climbed into the kitchen. we called brother rojas´s son to help us. after searching the kitchen, we found out it was in the front room. i went to get a mop and dust pan to hunt it down haha. as i came back with the weapons, it ran out the front door and went to the house across the street... whoops!
oh, president said if you send packages, below my name put "pedro roldan". hes the guy from the mission that picks up packages, that way he can just show his id and get them so we dont have to go to the post office. dont worry, hes not some random guy. hes my stake president. 
well i love you all, have a happy new year. dont party too hard!
elder brown

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  1. I love reading Elder Browns blog! Thanks for sharing! So happy he is having such a great time.