Wednesday, December 18, 2013

9 Days till christmasssssssssssssss

wats upppppp
its been a week of hard work. we´ve been goin hard everyday trying to find new people to teach. finally at the end of the week we got two new investigators. their families werent in the lessons with us  but we´ll get em next time. its a little rough when the ward isnt doing much to help out but we got a few references this past week from outside of the area. and one member who works for the government and knows everyone showed us a few houses. nothin. its all good, president said december would be rough for us. we are mainly working with less active members and they are awesome. one of them ive mentioned before. his name is pedro and his girlfriend is going to be baptized this month. tey asrent living togeter which is a miracle down here. he is planning on getting the melkizedek priesthood and is doing all he can to get back into the church. solid.
this past week i had another "First"... i ate cow stomach. it was aweful. we went to give service at an investigators house and after they served us cau cau. look it up. its potatoes, peas, carrots, and cow stomach. it tasted kinda like clam chowder. but really old and gross.. the entire day my stomach was sore. elder kitcens told me that te first time he ate it he threw up. i almost got there. haha i left most of it on my plate and the peruvians were lauging at me and elder kitchens because we couldnt get it down.
in another service we did, we helped some guy move wooden panels to hiw house so eh coulñd build another room. we went to a house a few blocks away to get the panels. they were on the roof. me and another gringo elder garner (heather morris´s cousin) got up on the roof and lowered down the walls to our companions. once we got them out tot he street we had to carry them a few blocks back to the original house. i literally could barely use my arms after that. TORO TOUGH. sike, i died.
we had a movie night at the church building. we showed te Nativity, that movie that was in the theaters a few years back. it was sooo awesome. it helped remind me of what we celebrate christmas for. i hope we can all remember why we give gifts and remember to give the most important gift you can to God. yourself. he gave us his son. i encourage you to think of what you can give back to the one who has given you literally everything.
the mission is going good. time is flying by rediculously fast. it seems like last week we were just at transfers and they´re already here again. im learning soooooooo much and ive never been so tired for so long. ive been tired for eight months haha but its awesome. im learning ohw to study and im learning sooo many things that will help me all throughout my life.
yesterday we were walking and i asked elder ali why and how hes so optimistic all the time, especially considering all hes been through with his family. he said well just think of the worst thing you´ve ever suffered through and then compare it to right now. you´ll realize life right now isnt that bad. then just know that tomorrow is going to better.... i replied and said well the only problem with that is thanks to the atonement i cant really remember what those rough times are like. 
the atonement is real. it works. even with the roughest times in my mission, when i look back all i feel is peace. its awesome. life is dang hard but its good. 
elder brown

oh and p day is on tuesday next week because there´s a meeting on monday so dont freak out when my email doesnt come on monday

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