Monday, December 9, 2013

so this week has been... eh. haha ive had better, but it was stil really good.
on p day last week, after internet, we went to take ot our money, which ended up taking up our entire day. we got home just in time to be able to watch 17 miracles haha.
and, believe it or not, i got sick. again. haha my apparently my pensionista hasnt mastered the "hard boiled egg". i had a feeling i shouldnt have eaten them... i did it anyways. took me out real hard. haha no worries, im back on my feet, the bathroom is less occupied, and im feelin good. two days of sleeping, eating crackers, and drinking sporade, which is kinda like gatorade but we´re in peru so the gatorade flavors are weird.
so given the fact that i wasnt able to work for two days, we´re having a hard time finding new people to teach. ha everyones just kinda havin a rough time right now . marks splitting open his head, im having diahrrea, whats next haha. no worries, things will get better. christmas is comin up!! thats good!
so theres a kid from utah named jordan that came down here to peru. half of his family is peruvian and his aunt lives on the street behind us. he has a problem walking which has caused some other problems for him and so he wasnt able to finish his mission up in the states. he´s here to test things out and see if he can get a a special assignment here in this mission. he can barely speak a word of spanish but hes a solid kid. he came out with bus yesterday to a lesson. the people we were teaching got so excited when they heard us speaking english. 
after the lesson they made us burgers. i was trying to put some aji (hot sauce) on my burger and it got all over my hand.i wiped it off but a little later, without thinking, i wiped my eye. big mistake. haha i had to go outside to their sink to actually wash my hand and then scrub my face with cold water. it burned for a while after but the burger was really good.
the other day i had a really special experience. i was thinking about god´s love for us. in my mind, ive always known he loves me but i for some reason see him as someone sitting there just waiting for me to screw up and X me out with a big red pen. i was praying and offering up my feelings and just asking to understand better. a little while later i had the spirit come to me pretty strongly along with the repeated words "i love you" in my mind. ive always known god loves me, i guess sometimes im a little blind to the many blessings he is constantly giving me. im sooo grateful for his love and for his patience with me. 
i know god lives. i know he loves me. at this time of year we get to especially remember that he sent his son to the earth, the greatest gift of all.
thanks for the love, support, and prayers!
elder brown

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