Tuesday, October 15, 2013

6 Months!

Welp. i hit six months. i still feel like i literally just got here... NICE.
haha  to celebrate, i blasted "Feliz Navidad" and danced around our apartment like a psycopath. i got a lot of weird looks from elder fallas.i called elder Crozier and held the phone to the speakers so he could join in on the party. NICE.
well i burned my six month tie this week! on my actual sixmonth day, i tried burning it and it didnt work out because it was windy and we only had a few matches, even though i destroyed the tie with hand sanitizer and spray sunblock. the  next day i bought a couple boxes of matches. i took it up on the roof and destroyed that thing. elder muñoz (i was doing a work visit that day so elder fallas was with elder gallardo over in their area) brought up the portable dvd player and played songs from Star Wars, Dragonball Z, Men in Black, and thriller by Michael Jackson. It was quite the experience haha.
we had a few baptisms on saturday! Roselli and Lisbeth Olivos. they´re sisters and are 11 and 15, respectively. i got to baptize Roselli. DUNKED. it was so good, now we just gotta work with the rest of the family. they´ve got a bunch of people living in their house.
on saturday after the baptism we had a stake missionary talent show. it was awesoooooooooooome. i sang a jack johnson song and played guitar. we did a few skits and other people did some songs. it was dang fun.
oh so one of the pictures im sending is my dinner last night. on one plate it Lomo Saltado (what we ate in the peruvian restaurant). hermana Magela usually makes it for us to close our fast. the other thing is some food from another lady in our ward. it is from the jungles and it is kinda like a tamale except it is rice instead of corn. literally a filibertos burrito sized ball of rice with a little chicken in the middle. nice!
welp, i dont really have any profound scriptural insights this week. all i gotta say is that i love you all. i cant believe ive been gone from my family for over six months. sometimes it kills me but i know ill be back home one day, and ill never get to live this mission again. keep praying for the missionaries and dont be afraid of doing your own missionary work. i cant describe how important members are. missionaries are just here as "on the go" help. we´re here to help the members do what they should be doing.. building and strengthing their own wards. keep it up! les quiero!
elder brown

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