Monday, October 21, 2013


Heyyyyyyyyyyyy people,
hey yeah my backs been good this week. maybe because weve spent five days in our house haha weve been a little sick. me with a nice cold and elder fallas occupying the bathroom. nice combo eh? thats companionship unity, we get sick at the same time. i read a tonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn of Jesus the Christ, the scriptures, listened to talks, wrote a song, worked on a poem. fun stuff!
this week we had interviews with president archibald and it was awesooooooooome. that guy is so powerful. i always leave talking with him feeling inspired and fired up to get everyone in that freezing baptismal font. we´ll see how things pick back up this week. its frustrating sometimes to see how hard work turns into nothing. hah looking back i think of all the times where i should have been working smart rather than hard. thats one of the things President talked to me about. putting my heart into it and working smartly. its not about memorizing the scriptures front to back, and not even about having the testimony of Elder Holland. There are plentyyyyyy of people who are ready to accept th gospel when its presented to them. those are the sheep. but often times we get so caught up in wasting time trying to turn goats into sheep that we miss out on the ones who are waiting to be guided back into the pasture. 
well i love you all, thanks for the prayers and support! hopefully this coming week will be a little more exciting!
elder brown

                                         here´s me and elder fallas eating breakfast on the bus this morning

 ha and heres a picture of my bag of q tips. still goin strong no worries. haha
( This picture made me laugh because when I packed these for Kendall before his mission he about died laughing that I would send this many Q-tips. So that's why his comment above. haha)

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