Monday, May 26, 2014

lifes good. another solid week in limoncillo. a member gave aus a big bag of avocados yesterday so im happy. just gotta buy bread and ive got breakfast for a few days. i learned alot this week as ive adapted to a different way of doin work. everythings goin great. we started hunting down less acitve people last week and theres alooooot more to go. 
last week in our district meeting, i didnt know what to train on. i went through pmg and got to the back of the very last chapter on working with members. under suggestions for district meetings it said something simple. study luke 15. it hit me hard that thats what i sould do. so i did it. i studied the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. i analized three major parts: why they left, how they were found or brought back, and what were the results. we discussed that in the meeting and talked about how the less active people we are working with can relate to one of these parables. and it was interesting to see throughout the week how alot of these people stood out as a lost sheep or a lost coin, or a prodigal son. some hafve left because they got caught up in doing other things that may have been innocent enough as studies, work, being sick, etc, but over time ended up in a place they didnt want to be and didnt know how to get back. others have fallen away due to neglegence and it requires a little more digging around to get to them and to get them back. and then there are those who think its a better idea to go away and indulge in riotous living, which will either result to them coming back, only after much pain and disappointment, or to their ultimate downfall and permanent inactivity and eternal consequences. we saw as well, with a few people how the lord had sent us to people who had been praying for us to come. others, who may had not been searching for us, were extremely grateful we had found them.
love my job.
so the other day we walked into a house of a very poor family who is working to gettiong married and all that, to have a lesson. i noiced they had a harp in the corner. the dad pulled it out and let me take a look. i sat down on the couch and after a little plucking, i played a basic jingle bells, nearer my god to thee, and come thou font haha. i think i found a new instrument i need to take up when i get home. 
ah, mother. i got my package last week! so no worries. i had my pensionista make some banana pancakes the other day when elder wheatley whose from provo, was with me on changes. and today for pday we are going to the restaurant of the zone leader´s branch president who is going to make us tacos and then we are going to make the cake and cookies you sent. hahaha i was pulling out my stuff at the district meeting and saw a box that said in big letters, "butt paste". i quickly covered it with other stuff and when hna leyva said "hey you have more stuff in there dont you!" i just kinda laugheed and said nope... haha thank you for the butt paste. not sure how to use it but when the time comes ill pray for inspiration haha.
cant believe maci is donzo with stapley and is going to mountain view. ill be back coaching while shes swimming as a sophomore. when the heck did she get so old? i remember when she learned how to say "t is for tabogan". craaaazy maci.
ysterday i gave a talk in sacrament meeting about conversion. it went pretty well. luckily we had all been assigned previously to study "when thou art converted" by elder bednar, so i had an idea of where to take it. yesterday as we were walking around my companion told me how as i was giving my talk, my spanish flowed out very well. i just kinda laughed and said welp. wasnt me. the same thing happens every time i give a talk in church. the spirit takes over. the lord needed me at the time to amp up my game because someone there needed to hear something special, and even if it wasnt by my own words, the words i did speak could allow the spirit to further instruct them. cool stuff eh?
hahahahha please buy that "bears" movie when it comes out. and send me a poster. solid.
welp.momma i hope you had a solid birthday! we´re both in our twenties now, cool huh. and one more thing. DRINK MORE WATER. no more hospital trips! only on christmas. thats how we roll.
elder brown
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